Satanic creativity and strategy

A ten ton boulder rolling down a hill towards your home.  Is it productive to place a hand out to stop the boulder, or create a diversion further down the hill to divert the boulder away from the home?  You might agree that a diversion is a better policy than attempting to physically stop the boulder’s momentum.

Opposing the old is inefficient, better to add something new.
Many Satanists still entertain the policy of opposing metaphorical boulders, opposing for instance the tyranny of State or Church in might is right contests, often to no effect.  Satanic creativity offers an alternative policy where the Satanist takes a strategic viewpoint where they add something extra to the equation that creates an outcome they desire, the equivalent of creating a diversion in the path of the boulder.  A war of attrition against an object of tyranny is energy inefficient, trying to stop an object under motion of its own nature requires a huge outlay of energy, and leads to highly unpredictable results.  Better to add something extra, thus change outcomes in energy-efficient predictable ways.

The success of The Satanic Temple adding the new rather than opposing the old.
The Satanic Temple for instance is using Satanic creativity, adding something new, which then creates stunningly effective results, for instance, rather than directly opposing the Christians pushing the ten commandments monument onto the State of Oklahoma, The Satanic Temple added something new to the equation to the horror of Christians, their own Satanic statue.

The success of President Putin over the Crimea.
I watch with some admiration the strategy over the Crimea by Russian President Putin who effected a beautiful Sun Tzu outcome of victory without a fight.  In opposition NATO nations protests are ineffectual noise revealing the manifest weakness of leaders such as US President Obama.  The Satanic creative approach to the Ukraine question is adding a new variable into the equation of what is likely a predictable future act of Putin to annex more Ukraine territory to his empire, which is barracking NATO troops across the Russian/Ukraine border, a new variable that will effectively stop Putin from considering any further expansion at the expense of the Ukraine.

Opposing what already exists without adding something new is ineffective.
That already exists has its own nature and momentum, it is a form of kinetic energy in motion under its own inherent pattern, something which makes such objects difficult to oppose.   It is easier, energy-effective and more certain by placing into the world something that did not exist before, with a nature you created and launched with energy that you gave it, the new object interacts with the old object creating a more stable and predictable outcome, such as diverting a metaphorical boulder away from your house.

Use strategy and new variables to win.
If the Satanist can think of their world as a Go board, they can place new variables onto the board to change outcomes without using any attrition-based tactic.  The capture of space as Putin did with the Crimea with little bloodshed is the highest form of victory as per Sun Tzu, this is done through effective strategy and placing into the world new variables rather than opposing existing variables.


6 thoughts on “Satanic creativity and strategy

  1. A frontal assault is never a good idea. So hit the flanks.
    I think too many Satanists don’t do a good job at choosing what battles to fight, but the fighting does weaken the enemy.

    I disagree about opposing the old being inefficient. To add something new, the old must first be destroyed. I can’t think of any exceptions to this rule, but perhaps someone else can.

    Religions come and religions go. The abrahamic ‘faiths’ were strong because they conquered by the sword and terror tactics. But in the case of christianity, they can’t use those tactics anymore, and we are seeing their disintegration because of this.

    • It depends if you can destroy a thing, for instance a garden you own can be cleared to make way for something new, but then you cannot impose your will upon people or objects outside of your own “space” without suffering serious comeback in your attempt to destroy them. In my mind to attempt to impose will upon that which is outside of your own life is a form of tyranny. Better to create something out of nothing, then let the new variable interact with the old to cause a new outcome.

      • They are imposing on me. They already are in my space. I have no desire to impose on them. And because they impose on me, I have every right to destroy the source of that imposition. That source is NOT them personally. Remember, I used to be a christian. The source is their religion, their mind-control programming. It is that that I will to be destroyed, not the people caught up in it.

        When they no longer have the political power to impose their will on me, then they are effectively destroyed. Then they can be on the fringe, like those snake handlers in the Appalachian mountains, harmless to all except themselves.

        One thing I know about them is they hate resistance. Anyone that questions them is in for a fight of some sort, I despise arbitrary authority, but I exercised that authority against those that resisted me. Someone pulled me up short and asked me why I was doing that, That is what made me start questioning things, which directly led to my deprogramming. So, that is what I do. It’s defensive, not offensive. I impose on no one.

      • I agree that the Satanist or those of the LHP are besieged on all side by tyrants, but in a might-is-right contest the greater will always defeat the weaker.

        We all have our strategies of defending our personal spaces, usually of a deceptive kind, but we have no strength to launch a direct attack upon the tyrant, they are too strong.

  2. You’re totally right. It works on various levels. Fight against cancer was announced many years ago, it cost billions of dollars and yet cancer is more often then before. Fight against narcotics: again spent billions of dollars and narcotics still are there and movements for legalizing pot is gaining stronger with every year – which I support :). The same on personal level: fight against is already lost. fighting for something is completely different matter. While fighting for you focus on a new goal, you add something new and that changes the whole setting…

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