A planned website for independent Satanists

isatan.info is a proposed source of quality information for the Independent Satanist on the internet.

isatan.info is a proposed source of quality information for the Independent Satanist on the internet.

If you use a search engine to find information on independent Satanism you will find it hard to get quality information.  Satanism on the internet is heavily influenced by group-minded Satanism, the relatively new paradigm of independent Satanism is poorly represented on the web.

I have teamed up with others to see if we can offer a site for independent Satanists.  Though a domain is in place, as is a host, there is nothing currently to see on the proposed site called www.isatan.info.

The domain name for isatan was chosen on the basis that “i” can mean independent, individual and of course me or you.  “info” means it is an information site.  The isatan logo is the chemical structure for Isatan B, which is a component of the pigment in the plant woad, which is used as a dye in the textile industry since neolithic times. The logo symbolizes knowledge by which the Independent Satanist can construct their personal path.

The goal of isatan is to provide a site which gives quality information on a 1-to-1 basis.  We are looking at some form of artificial intelligence such as a chatbot acting as the interface for the Satanist to interact with on the site.

This is an interesting project, and is going to be something of a trial and error, with plenty of errors before we get it right.


9 thoughts on “A planned website for independent Satanists

  1. Well, I’m doubtful… The idea that a one site can provide such quality seems good at first glance, but in the end specifics of satanism will make others to question it. There will be always someone disagreeing. Free thought is for us everything so you need to agree that others have a right for other opinion. If they have other opinion, are they less independent then the source that calls itself independent?

    The second thing is: who will decide what to put on this site and what is or isn’t independent satanism? Someone has to decide and that will lead to fight of a type “I’m right, you’re wrong” thus excluding satanists that disagree with the decision making person, excluding them from the site. That doesn’t make them dependent and yet they stay outside of the source that should include them. And here we are back to the first problem.

    The only way to make it really independent is lack of censorship in meaning: everyone is free to decide or put content on this page, but that results in lack of quality…

    The strength of independent satanism is its decentralization. Only then there is no grouping, no dependency and no movements of type “we vs. them”.

    So far search engines allow for finding many satanic sites so is there really need for a centralized source? Of course search engines give you crap as well, but since we promote free thought we must allow others to make mistakes…

    It’s a type of situation that you can’t have it all, because by choosing one, you must disregard the other. Life is full of contrasts and you can’t have two opposite trends in one.

    • You articulate the challenges of providing quality information on the internet well.

      The site will initially contain content based upon the viewpoint of a few Independent Satanists, which acts as a base point upon which we can improve information quality based on feedback over time. The AI will have its own ability to update information based upon interactions with those that talk to it.

      As you rightly say nothing is perfect, but we shall do the best we can in the constraints you have identified.

      Independent Satanism has limited resources on the web at this present time, we shall fill this gap. We shall make no claims to be the official voice of Independent Satanism, it is a resource, and everyone is free to make their own sites on Independent Satanism. Also, we will make clear that the ideas on the site is relative, and each individual must question everything, drawing their own interpretations on Independent Satanism as is relevent to their situation. We provide a tool, imperfect, but I am sure it will be a resource Satanists will find useful.

      • The idea/structure etc sounds really really cool, let’s hope that all goes well.

        If you are really going to do this you should keep in mind making a huge online library with decent texts (occult and scientific and perhaps many other categories relevant) and ofcourse updating it quite often.
        Some people do prefer to take a look for their own and first and then talk about the stuff they read in the forum section. (wich HAS to be there for “blood” to be spilled)

        About moderating/admins with all the drama on the “other” forums you really should have none if it’s possible.

        And you should add a feature of something like Like-Dislike/Thumbs Up/Down to comments,reads,blogs,videos.

        And an important thing, if somebody deletes himself his stuff should remain on the site.

        That’s it from me.
        Good luck and I’ll be from the first who will take a good look. 😉

      • Thanks for the advice. We are looking at the different options for this project, which will be radically different to what people are used to on internet forums.

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