Might is Right

Two bored cops stop me at night to search me.  I have done nothing wrong, the cops reason for stopping me is legally weak, I refuse to be searched.  The cops call for back up, there are now four of them against me.  My refusal to be searched leads to me being thrown against a car, injured, and handcuffed.  The police search me, and let me go.  Despite my Satanic bravado against an expression of tyranny, the tyrant won the battle through might is right.

Might is right is another way of saying that I am right because I am stronger than you.  I read every so often a Satanist proclaiming the ideal of might is right, which might work if you have strength on your side, but is this an ideal strategy for the Satanist to pursue?

Just like my story with the cops, the Satanist is always going to be out matched by the majority.  There are at best 100,000 Satanists in the world, and if we were to enter into a war with 3 billion Christians-Muslims, we would in a might is right contest get destroyed.  The Satanist is at heart an individual, and even if organized into a group, the majority would still be stronger than the Satanist.  In addition, Satanism will always be a minority outlook, in part due to genetics and part due to the challenges it can entail on the individual.

In conclusion might is right is an idea that will be of no use to Satanists, since we are out-gunned.  There are alternatives to might is right, which I will explore in later blog posts.


13 thoughts on “Might is Right

  1. I disagree with you that there are only 100,000 Satanists out there. I’ve heard that figure before and I don’t have a clue on how they reached that number. I was a Satanist in everything but name, when I was still a christian. In fact I knew a number of christians that are good Satanists. They will be great Satanists when they finally get over their worship of the jew god. It will happen, because they can and do think for themselves. It’s just a matter of time before they break that mind-control programming.

    When it comes to cops, I can say that nothing happens in a vacuum. They earn enemies every time they pull stunts like this, or they do even worse things.
    THeir victims are affected, their friends and families, neighbors, and co-workers are affected. Once they see what pigs are like, they never go back to giving a damn about them,

    I used to keep track of cops and their crimes. I want to keep my activities separate here, but if you google “pig news xx”, you will find it on top.

    I save their names and crimes for posterity, I will never delete that blog. Even now it still gets hits and I haven’t updated it in years,

    Their “thin blue line” is being erased. They grow weaker and we grow stronger, thanks to the internet. They can’t hide it anymore.

    • The 100K estimate is in my opinion the highest number of Satanists that exist in the world. This excludes those that might fit into the LHP definition, which then runs into millions. I apply the number to those that actively consider themselves Satanic. The recent UK census of 2011 identified 1893 individuals who considered themselves Satanists.

      Nice work on your police blog, I now totally refuse to assist police in anything after the incident I had with them.

      • I thought I remember you saying you live in the UK. From what I read, you have it even worse than we do in the US, Things are really messed up there,

        The way I see it, official definitions are meaningless, if not outright deceptive. There are many here in the US that consider themselves christians, but that is only because they were born into a christian family.

        Or, those that do go to church do it because it’s like a social get-together, It’s not because of their religious beliefs anymore. Ask them to find Acts 2:1 and they’ll go “Huh?” and scramble to the index and see if it’s in the OT or NT. Is it the same in the UK?

        Here in the US, if a church doesn’t have outside activities that have nothing to do with religion, they die. Somewhere on my blog I have a story about the Philadelphia area and how they have 300+ vacant churches that are crumbling. That’s just one city. They can’t sell them because no one wants them,

        Most christians care nothing about the religion itself. The church has lost so much power here in the US. Probably because they can’t burn people at the stake anymore…

        Anyway, I look forward to reading to what you have to say. Chances are, we’ll disagree, but we both know disagreement isn’t personal and it could just be because we live in different countries.

      • Truth is relative. It would be of concern if Satanists were always in agreement.

        The established Christian church such as the Roman Catholic Church is losing numbers, but I understand that evangelical Christianity is benefiting from the exodus from the established churches.

        Thanks for all your comments, appreciated and always useful to get different viewpoints on the many subjects I post here.

  2. That is such crap that they decided to search you. It’s such crap the way things like that happen, and the fact that they felt they had to call for back-up is further malarky.
    Sorry you had to deal with their macho bs

  3. Satanist is just another word for human for better or worse depending on their autonomous viewpoints. Loose the us verses them already it is really getting old. That play on words has exhausted itself.

    • Dislike it, but the reality of the world is that there exists on all levels a “us” vs “them”. There are differences between Satanist and non-Satanist; individual Satanist and the Satanic group-slave; LHP and RHP.

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