The Satanist and the Reverse-Christian

Reverse-Christianity is a pseudo-Satanic form which believes and behaves according to the typical Christian interpretation of Satanism that it is connected to murder and sexual abuse.  Meet Michael Leehan who is a typical Reverse-Christian, his story is worth reading because it highlights a number of common themes of Reverse-Christians.

Leehan comes to Satanism in reaction to his Christian and abusive upbringing, for instance suffering red pepper shoved up his nose by grandma.  Leehan suffers what mental health experts would diagnose as symptoms of mental illness: self-harming; suicidal thoughts; hearing voices; hallucinations and psychotic thoughts of killing people.  A mentally ill psychopath Leehan sits in a church planning to kill a pastor before a miraculous conversion.

“Whenever Leehan attends LifeChurch today, he sits in the front row, immediately in front of the pastor he intended to kill. But now during the worship, his hands are raised in the air, praising God, joyful and free.”

In Satanism the Reverse-Christian is easily spotted because they are either talking about or encouraging murder of other people, the fictional enemy that is the target of their psychopathic hate.  In real life it seems always the cat who gets murdered, since the unhappy cat is to the Reverse-Christian what a chicken is to a Voodoo priest. Said Leehan:

“Typically I would light candles, pray to Satan, and wait for things to happen. There was nearly always blood spilled. It was usually mine, but at times it was a neighborhood animal, usually a cat.”

From the cat the Reverse-Christian moves onto larger targets such as killing babies or murdering then skinning their mother, the sort of sensational headlines that give all Satanists a bad rap.

Predictably, during their time amongst Satanists the Reverse-Christian remains slavish to dogma and groups, they are attracted to mingle with other angry and hateful psychopaths that share their murderous intent towards selected segments of society they declare as their enemy.

When caught for some newsworthy crime the Reverse-Christian blames Satan, since it is their slavish way to pass on responsibility for their activities.  What is funny is that the Reverse-Christian is as quick and enthusiastic in slaving to Jesus as they was to Satan, as Leehan’s story confirms.


7 thoughts on “The Satanist and the Reverse-Christian

  1. In reading the article you reference, I see a few problems.

    1) I am, shall we say, somewhat skeptical of ANYTHING found on a christian website. Having been a christian, I have seen for myself the crap they post.

    2) “During a satanic ritual, a death angel gave him an assignment: ”
    a death angel? Know what this reminds me of? The “angel of death” that whacked Egypt’s first-born. That comes straight from the movie “the 10 commandments” and is nowhere to be found in the bible.

    3) “the author of Ascent From Darkness (Thomas Nelson), the gripping account of his enslavement to the powers of darkness.”

    Naturally he wants to sell books. Perhaps make the talk show circuit. Be a guest on CBN.

    4) “he faced “any kind of abuse you can think of” from family members.”

    Proof? Lacking.

    Seriously, I can easily tear apart this whole article that you referenced. In my opinion it has nothing to do with reverse christians. It has everything to do with a bunch of scammers.

    It seems to be on par with the book “23 minutest in hell” that tries to scare people into church. I read it myself when I was a christian. It was the most f’d up book I think I’ve ever read, except for the bible, of course.

  2. Dear Intelligent Mad Women and Men,
    I would like to try the devil’s advocate approach to this article in defense of psychopaths and its constant roots found in humanity. I would argue that within every human given the right circumstances is the potential of a quick tempered or quiet psychopathic quark to find relief in devilment. There are long legacies of noble and ignoble psychopathic behavior some revered more than others. I cannot help but laugh at the Machiavellian psychotherapy found in camouflaged technology such as semantic cyber engines, trained sociologists and therapists, as well as CTT human binary thinkers. This distortive behavior modification is a little reminiscent of the book The Third Wave but no one gets fired or held accountable for the harm caused to others because of exploration, exploitation, and monetary gain. Your suggestive Decalogue is unfounded in my opinion by empirical evidence- psychopaths are everywhere a human is. The bestial hustling of unapproved psychopathic behaviors is merely an attempt to conceal the comic incumbent of their inferiorities and secure their own personal agendas which may or may not suit the agendas of a given individual. The concealing of inferiorities are rampant in not only those in authority but people everywhere. Often language alone serves as a psychopathic euthanasia to evade critical thinking, higher truths, or barren realities. Highly coveted boldness, disinhibition, and cruelty are still the vices of choice for gained empowerment some more subtle than others. If anything is to be extrapolated from psychopathic behaviors it would be the scatology foundation everyone stands on in one form or another when surviving in life. If you find yourself talking to yourself I hope you make sure to put in a secondary voice of reason to not harm self and others for personal empowerment. However you find that empowerment remember Einstein’s quote “A man looks for what is and not what he thinks should be”. How a psychopath decides to change that reality is entirely their own choice. For those having fun with the LHP cyber worlds I would recommend the cyber guise of luminous lummox that way all attention is on the follies of the lummox but really is about finding the flaws all around them for more insight. It was always my favorite character and has helped me tremendously in researching the LHP phishing sites, hackers, sex and drug distributors, and foil those who seek to invade personal privacy.
    Best wishes and safe travels in life – Sara

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