Phelps and Christian hypocrisy

A Christian evangelist I know of in the local community stands on street corners singing and preaching Jesus; he has assaulted church officials in church services; he has a reputation of hate against the LGBT community; and his landlord evicted him after years of inflicting misery upon his neighbors.  He saw me today looking at Satanic sites on the internet, and flees as if something stung him, another hypocritical Christian.

Phelps to me represents the hypocrisy of the Christian religion.
People might ask why I have so much hate for Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church and express hubristic delight at his death.  Even though Phelps has done no wrong to me, Phelps has become to me the representation of the hypocrisy of Christian religion, preaching love on the one hand, but showing the face of hate to anything alternative to its worldview.  Phelps and his ilk is in your face selling religion, but their hateful two-faced bigotry is quick to show to those different to them: the Satanist, the Pagan, the Muslim, the LGBT person.

As a Satanist I fully embrace my darker emotions.
When I punch the air enjoying the moment of joy at the death of a person I never met, I express something of my Satanism, one who embraces a full array of human emotion in a personally authentic way.  I question why those in the LGBT community show false compassion, pity and grief for Phelps, who if he had his way would have shoved them all into a gas chamber; such people running away from the raw shadow lurking in their subconscious, clothing its raw angry hateful delight at the demise of their enemy with false socially acceptable feelings.

The natural justice of lex talionis
Many Satanists like me embrace lex talionis, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.  Lex talionis is natural justice giving to those the results that they sow.  Phelps expressed no pity, no mercy, no love for anyone or anything; Phelps turned hate into an art form.  Even to his children Phelps showed no humanity, beating them with belts and rods over his church pews as they screamed for mercy, finishing each session beating the children with his fists.  Even the funerals of murdered children were treated to the publicity-seeking picketing of Phelps and his cronies.  Hate Phelps sowed, hate Phelps reaps.


9 thoughts on “Phelps and Christian hypocrisy

  1. It’s such a toss-up for me. I don’t care whether or not he’s dead, after all, he was tossed out of that church and his insanity lives on with the WBC, so in a sense, he’s not truly dead. However, the response I personally would choose would be that of compassion. Not because I think well of anything he did, but simply because he was a being in this world vibrating at his own frequency, being true to what he felt was true. It’s just unfortunate that he tortured so many vulnerable people at the funerals of their loved ones. “Unfortunate” is the extremely light word I chose to use.
    I think that the WBC will continue on in their hateful ways and do as they do, and if every one responds negatively to them, it will only fuel their cause. So to respond in a manner of compassion, false or otherwise, shows them there is another way, and might show them a more peaceful state of being.
    I don’t know, I’m just speculating. Then again, it could just fuel them in the other direction, saying that God has pity and compassion for them since even the ones they have shown hatred towards are showing them compassion back.
    Though, I did hear that Slayer picketed his funeral 😉

    • Phelps has certainly left a legacy that will linger on, especially in the form of his wife(?) WBC seem to live off hate, and stretch the US right of freedom of speech to its limit. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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