The delusion of Satanic validation

A Satanist calls upon his Satanic friends to send books to a Satanist in prison, who has been asked to prove he is a Satanist to a prison chaplain in order to receive books such as the Satanic Bible.

It is retarded to validate personal Satanism to a Christian priest.
I identify with the frustration of an individual who is being asked to validate their Satanism to a Christian priest, but it is the way of prison that when the individual has in the opinion of the State broken its laws, their status becomes that of a slave with no rights but those given at the discretion of the master.

Satanism won’t be found in a book.
Satanism is not a book, an internet forum or a RHP-orientated group such as the Church of Satan, it is a way of being; a life lived at each moment; a philosophical or spiritual way of life of the individual, lived by the individual.  Regardless of a life in jail or a life in society, the Satanist is the Satanist in thought, word and deed.

Satanism is a way of experiential-doing
If the individual Satanist has been practicing their Satanic path through experiential doing even in a short time, it would be a way of wisdom, rather than something locked away as stale knowledge in internet forums, books and groups.  If the Satanist feels books are so important to their personal Satanism, then it should be memorized so that wherever they happen to be they have the knowledge always at hand inside their skull.

No need to validate Satanism.
Satanism is individualistic to the self, there is no requirement to seek validation from external authorities by seeking their approval, working through grades, slaving to meet tests created by others, meeting other people’s standards, or subjection to testing like a prized milk cow.  That prisoner should have no need to call upon other Satanists charity, or seek validation from a Christian, he is a Satanist of one or another slave pretending to be a Satanist.


13 thoughts on “The delusion of Satanic validation

      • Have you noticed that a trend on LHP and satanic forums are that once the self- aggrandizement is challenged and profit schemes are exposed that there is an imminent need for a smear campaign against satanic critical thinkers? A lot like the media and RHP tactics that deflect from inappropriate actions to try to diffuse tension and misdirect the public or its readers. I guess even some LHPers and Satanists still need scapegoats too. Knowledge never goes stale when one knows how to wield it but I am guessing you already knew that.

  1. I agree with you, but I think that Satanist should still demand his rights. Satanism is a recognized “religion”, and the ACLU might be able to help him. This would not involve seeking any kind of validation from the xtian whatsoever. It would simply be a legal beat-down of someone that deserves this (and much more).

    • I do not understand what you mean how did Satanism become a pronoun “his/him”? I am discussing internet fraud, sex and drug trafficking material of minors or distribution to minors, capitalism without legal standards. I am not discussing religious intolerance. People can worship their toenail and come up with a philosophy around that for all I care.

      • you replied to me, but I didn’t reply to you, so I am not sure what you mean. Do you object to my saying ‘his and him”? If so, no offense intended.

    • @sexspirit None taken I thought you were referring to someone specific in satanism getting additional support from the ACLU. I try not to impose on anyones personal theistic visions of satan, spirits, fallen angels, or demons. To each is their own. So to clarify how is the ACLU in your opinion going to help him/satan?

  2. @satanic views- This is interesting. The justice system is a fickle beast in and of itself, sometimes for better sometimes for worse. It would be interesting to see if people do not retain a scarlet letter after time served if the recidivism rate would drop. You do the time thats it. It used to be if a company hired someone who is a felon they would get a tax write off but I am not sure if this is the case anymore. I have met many people in my lifetime that lost their personal vision after doing time. It takes a lot of resiliance to move on if the felon does not have the money and family support to rebuild. But I also know some people it does not matter how many do overs you give them they do not change and are a waste to themselves and others. Mental illness and drug or alcohol abuse I think certainly factors into many of the repeat offenders.

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