A concept of space

For many people, including Satanists, there is sometimes confusion between the concept of personal space and the space in which the individual Satanist shares with over 7 billion other people.

The personal space.
Personal space might be considered your life, body, mind and home, a space that many might share with family and other people we feel close to.  Here in this personal space the Satanist should be able to without restriction manifest their personal will to be their own god.  There are no ifs or buts, the Independent Satanist strives to be the master of their personal space or become the slave of external authorities.

The community space.
The world that we share with over 7 billion people existing outside of the personal space is what I call the community space.  In this community space nobody is god, nor should they be.  Many of the troubles in human society is due to individuals or groups forcing their relative truths upon the community space, for instance the desire of Christian evangelicals to forcefully push their religion upon all of humanity whilst excluding all alternative worldviews such as Satanism.

Build strong personal boundaries.
It is useful for the Satanist in my opinion to look at the world from the point of view of the two spaces, be the god in the personal space, but treat the community space as something shared with other human beings.  By creating strong personal boundaries the Satanist can clearly differentiate between the personal and the community space.  With no clear boundaries between the two spaces it is easy to mix both up, and also it allows external authorities to easily manipulate you.


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