The political Satanist

Politics offers to the individual Satanist a medium of personal expression and an opportunity of personal advancement.  Rather than entertaining idealistic notions of destroying or changing a corrupt and impotent political system, the individual Satanist in my opinion can use politics plus the media as a tool for personal benefit.  The novice will rant about the obvious short-comings of the political system, even waste resources in movements of change that go nowhere, against a system that for thousands of years has and will continue to benefit the ruler at the expense of the ruled.

The success of Lucien Greaves.
Lucien Greaves of the Satanic Temple is one of the most effective Satanists to play the political system and the media for the purposes of personal expression and gain in years.  Be under no delusion, Greaves is pragmatic rather than idealistic, for he would never get to the position of becoming a major source of Satanic comment, which the media now turn to on all things Satanic, out shining even the old Satanic dinosaur the Church of Satan.

Be invisible, move when there is gain.
I use what Sun Tzu might call a formless strategy, building an invisible political and media influence for the purposes of personal gain, only deploying it when I see an opportunity to do so.  I use my business interests to personally express myself, and I have at the same time cultivated political and media influence without revealing my Satanism.  Although I express myself in public such as through the medium of this blog, I support the idea of self-determination, thus I avoid becoming involved in activities that interfere with the self-determination of individual or group such as all those current factions fighting over the Crimea.

Be calculated and objective in dealing with politics and the media.
Personal involvement in politics and with the media is ideally calculated and objective, not the result of anger as happened to me today over an ongoing political situation, as this leads to unexpected damaging results.  Although my intervention was well received by politicians, its movement into the media raises challenges in other activities I benefit from.

Sun Tzu is your friend!
Politics and media as tools of personal creative expression and gain can be rewarding as well as fun if played well.  Avoid the common mistake of playing with politics and the media like the attrition-based chess, but rather like the game of Go based on the capture of space.  In political and media strategy Sun Tzu is your friend!


6 thoughts on “The political Satanist

  1. I fail to see how Sun Tzu tactics benefit the individual or the whole. Can you please explain how these tactics benefit yourself with specific examples?

  2. Sun Tzu takes the anger and other emotions out of warfare. It’s for the thinker, not the feeler. There is a lot of wisdom in The Art of War.
    Another excellent book is The Book of 5 Rings by Musashi.
    I don’t have the Asian thought processes but for practical purposes that probably doesn’t matter much.
    These aren’t books one can read only once, though. I think they can be studied for a lifetime.

    • I agree, such books need to be read many times, even memorized, then practiced continuously through life.

      I had forgotten about The Book of 5 Rings, thanks for reminding me of it.

  3. I have not read The Book of 5 Rings, I will check it out thanks for reference Sexspirit1. Sun Tzu adopted deception which I still see as problamatic throughout international relations and military history and still creates consequences today. In my experience deception works for exoteric purposes but still enslaves the mind in fear.

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