Is Satanism a religion?

Is Satanism a religion? Answer, no.  Religion is a group-orientated outlook with a fixed set of beliefs, rituals and hierarchy, where individuality is sacrificed in favor of a collective worship.  Satanism focuses on individuality, so it might be a philosophy for those that view Satan as a symbol, or a spiritual outlook for those that view Satan as an entity.

Satanism is a Left Hand Path (LHP) outlook where the focus is upon the individual, this is in contrast to Right Hand Path outlooks such as Christianity which focus on the group at the expense of individuality.  The Church of Satan is also an example of a Right Hand Path outlook, even if it claims to associate with the LHP and rejects religion, this is because it is a group-orientated organization with the same fixed baggage as a religion such as its dogma, rituals and hierarchy.


23 thoughts on “Is Satanism a religion?

  1. People are so eager to classify things into either political groups or religious groups. Why can’t something simply be a way of living and viewing? It’s like Buddhism, which is often defined as a religion but is a way of life. I think it goes along a bit with what we were talking about yesterday (or was it the day before?) about labels being a form of slavery. Every one wants to put form of control over a situation, an idea, a person, and thus throws a net of labels over them.
    I really enjoy reading your blog, by the way 🙂

    • Hi NeuronTree, I reckon the need to label and categorize is human nature, which gives people a sense of control over a chaotic universe.

      The great thing about following the independent Satanist path is that the individual can in theory abandon labels.

      Thanks for your great comments, they add an extra dimension to the posts to think about.

  2. They can go from the RHP to the LHP. I did it, and if I can do it then anyone can do it. There’s nothing special about me.
    They just have to value their own selves over the herd mentality. I think that is where it all starts. Once they realize the people they look up to are nothing special and are not to be looked up to, then they are starting on the LHP whether they realize it or not.

      • Well, if that is the case, you seem to be using misdirection in this piece to fool your readers into believing otherwise. Your glib summation of LH=individual RHP=group leaves much to be desired.

      • LHP=individual and RHP=group is exactly what it means. Those that think otherwise delude themselves by living in group-minded paradigms and groups whilst maintaining the fantasy of individualism.

      • I am not necessarily disputing that such concepts can be ‘inclusive’ to lhp philos or the practice thereof, only that to sum up LHP in its entirety in such simplistic terms betrays a lack of comprehensive study. Read the link I posted, chase down some of the history and older LHP practices (such as aghori sect) pointed to therein, then contrast that with what you have written here.

        The lhp isn’t a matter of ‘individually’, as that is a hollow concept; everyone is an ‘individual’. It is a matter of internal alchemy born of ‘resistance’.

      • The LHP and RHP concepts I address are simple because they are simple. Those that wish to complicate such concepts are either fixated onto deluded old paradigms such as the Church of Satan is trapped in, or are fruitlessly trying to offer a pointless argument as to why they can be an individual whilst being a slave of a group-mind. In Satanism you are either an individual of the LHP or join the deluded groupies that like the comfort of the group-mind of the RHP.

  3. On another note I notice that while you do not like the cos(which I actually agree is a RHP organization, though for entirely different reasons), you do link to and recommend other patently RHP orgs like the sect of the horned god and the satanic temple, both of which provide an ‘us’ mentality for joiners and prescriptive dogma. One can not help but notice a certain inconsistency at play here. What’s with that?

    • The Sect of the Horned God was recommended for its news and educational courses, though not to join. As you correctly observe the Sect is RHP in nature. When I update my recommendations page the Sect will be dropped.

      The Satanic Temple is an umbrella for political activists, run for the purposes of political and media campaigns. I do not consider the Temple is RHP since its purpose is political action and its members are involved for the purpose of activism only.

      • I take it you have not read their ‘tenets’ page. Perhaps they are not being taken seriously by their author(s), but perhaps they are. Either way, a very distinct flavour of nomian RHP ethos is being promoted there.

      • Those with the ability to see it can spot a marketing ploy, which is all the web site of The Satanic Temple is, packaging for the purposes of grabbing the attention of the media.

  4. While you, or I, might harbour doubts vis a vis the sincerity of their promoted views, that is neither here nor there with regards to the fact that they promote them still, and you by proxy.

  5. If by “too much” you mean “the words that are written in no nonsense plain English” then sure, I guess. Either way, whatever they are ‘marketing’ over there, it sure isn’t Satanism.

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