Four things I hate in Satanism

Four things that annoy me that plague Satanism:

1. Slavery
Where the individual places an external authority before self in their own lives; or where an authority seeks to place themselves as the master over Satanists.  The Church of Satan is an example of an authority that enslaves the individual Satanist with its fixation to dogma, hierarchy and the group.

2. Stupidity
A good example was the naked individual who claimed he was Satan and Jesus, then removed himself from the human race when he was shot dead whilst attacking police officers.

3. Associating Satanism with harming people.
Those who promote murder, abuse and other forms of harm as being part of Satanism.  The individual Satanist who supports personal liberty of being the god in their own lives, offers the same respect to others to go about their lives unmolested.

4. Racism/Sexism.
Those who mix racism and sexism with Satanism. Race and gender has no impact on the quality of an individual’s Satanism.


13 thoughts on “Four things I hate in Satanism

  1. You know what I also hate? The idea that Satan’s only into the colors black and red, heavy metal music, and hedonism. I like wearing colors, listening to every genre, and occasionally kicking back and doing jack shit.

    The very narrow, limited aesthetic and musical conception of what the typical Satanist is into is just as stifling as any other majority expectation.

  2. I think Satanism will acknowledge all forms of reality for better and for worse and decide what to embrace for their own benefit. They will walk concepts out and discern what works and what doesn’t. This piece seems very white washed and idealistic.

    • I reject the notion this is idealistic, I suggest it is pragmatic opinion. Of course the Satanist will work out for themselves what works for them. This blog can only offer knowledge, the individual Satanist converts knowledge into wisdom by acting on knowledge.

      • You are not gonna save yourself or the world by ignoring humanities shortcomings and inabilities to change them. There is a non-partisan viewpoint that is not discussed here which is willing enslavement, ignorance, and harming of others that do not include themself. Have you thought anymore on socially acceptable culling from prior posts? Innate nature of humans should be reflected on in this piece.

      • To the contrary, I take into the account the weaknesses and strengths of humanity in my decision making in advancing my personal goals.

        I have no interest in saving others, they are the agents of their own success or failure.

        As a Satanist I value the idea of self-determinism, I strongly defend my sovereignty, and by the same token I offer others the same respect of their liberty to pursue their lives without intervention. Ideas such as culling seek to control or force subjective worldviews upon others, such notions I reject.

  3. Is not your preferential treatment of mensa IQ’s a form of culling the masses? Anything else would be deemed an unfit Satanist. I seem to recall your need to emphatically undermine the less educated or subjective notions of those possing stupidity to remain rejected from Satanism.

    • I prefer the word “boundaries” which govern access to a space based upon standards, for example I employ a person based upon a set of standards they must meet.

      The Satanist can only be the master over their own life, in the matter of the world shared with others they might offer an opinion, but rightly cannot force a standard upon others. Satanism by its nature quickly separates the individual from the slave without the need of artificially enforced standards, intelligence is a natural mediator of which direction an individual will go, the individual or the slave. In other words the stupid reject themselves from Satanism, natural stratification without intervention of anyone.

  4. I wonder if there is a way around fault finding in Satanists/people or this is also another innate legacy of humanity. I see where you are coming from regarding boundaries perhaps it is language that betrays personal celebrated individual freedoms.

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