Five Satanic ideas that are doomed

Humanity has entered the new paradigm of the individual thanks in part to the emergence of the internet.  Where a few had a monopoly over information such as the news, now through the medium of the internet every individual is the journalist, and nobody has overall control.  The internet has broken the monopoly of a few Satanic groups over Satanism, allowing the individual Satanist to emerge free from group-minded notions.

When the last Ice Age ended thousands of species such as the mammoth died because they could not cope with the new reality.  The new paradigm of the individual Satanist marks the end of the era dominated by Satanic groups.  I mention five redundant Satanic ideas that will become extinct in the new Satanic paradigm:

Satanic hierarchy will disappear
Individual Satanists are the god in their own lives; they shall reject the arrogant self-appointed few who demand that they be treated as the authority over Satanists and Satanism.  The Church of Satan hierarchy with self-important titles such as “Magus”, or those who inflate their self-importance with “inner circles” and “outer representatives” are all redundant.

Satanic groups will die off
Individual Satanists are secure in their own Satanism, needing no validation or comfort from being part of a group.  The group has always been and will ever be a trap of conformity, mediocrity and slavery benefiting the few at the expense of the follower. The Satanic group such as the Church of Satan is no longer relevant in the new paradigm, thus will slowly fade into memory.

Satanic dogma is doomed
The individual Satanist constructs their own personal belief system from the tools and resources freely available to them via the internet, a personalized Satanic path reflective of individual needs, goals and situation.  No individual Satanist will be the same as another, the typical Laveyan Satanic clone is redundant.

Christian influenced baggage will vanish
Church, reverend, black mass, upside-down crosses – these are all trappings of a Satanism that is reactive to Christianity.  These Christian influences will vanish along with the Satanic groups.

Satanic internet forums will be replaced by AI driven websites
Internet forums are the product of web.2.0, the era where the Satanist can contribute content to web pages such as an internet forum.  Web 2.0 is the era of low quality junk information, personal opinion and ignorant error; a common problem for the individual Satanist in finding quality information in a dung heap of inane rubbish.  The internet drowns in junk information to the point it becomes less relevant to the user, thus web.3.0 is emerging centered on the quality of information, and the matching of quality information to individualistic need.  Web.3.0 is user-centered rather than group-centered, populated by artificial intelligence and emphasis on information quality matching solution to individual need.  Web.3.0 is called the semantic web, and paves the way to the singularity where the web is run by AI rather than people.

This link to a blog post provides a great analysis of the uselessness of gaming community forums, which is a relevant analysis for any internet forum including Satanic forums.  The future for Satanism on the internet in my opinion are websites run by AI that deal with the user on an individual basis, matching quality information or solutions to need.

4 thoughts on “Five Satanic ideas that are doomed

  1. I consider the Co$ a RHP religion. It’s all group-think. I learned that at the 600 club board and reading the Co$ website, etc. In my opinion, they consistently violate all 9 Satanic Sins.

    Even though it probably didn’t start like this, all bureaucracies devolve in this way which opens up other avenues for LHP adherents to evolve. I respect LaVey for cracking open the door but that is just the beginning.

    • You are right, it is the eventual outcome of all groups that they degenerate into an RHP orientated grouping, as the Co$ have become despite their claims of being LHP.

      LaVey set the ball in motion, but it is for a new generation of Satanists to evolve this paradigm towards the individualistic path it was always meant to become.

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