The Satanist and ordinary life

Some people think that Satanism should be treated like a perpetual roller coaster ride, a firework display or something akin to a drug induced high; for these people anything mundane should be shunned, the Satanist they say should live the dramatic life of a rebel causing conflict and drama wherever they go.  Most of us Satanists continue in our own paths doing the same ordinary activities as other human beings: eat; poop; earn a living; pay our taxes.  If we are smart, we blend in with the local population, who could never know of our Satanism unless we told them.

If we were following the Satanic path of the individual we would whilst doing the ordinary mundane activities of the rest of humanity have been focused on self-development, cutting away all conformity and slavish influences, and be on the road to enjoying a moderately to highly successful life where we are in charge of our own lives.

There are methods to add spice to our lives as we go about our lives in the ordinary world.

Live in the present moment
Life is in the present moment, avoid the deadness of living in the past or future.  Everything is in the now, live in the now, you will enjoy a more energized worthwhile existence.

Focus on the important things
Eliminate the junk or clutter that distracts, instead focus on what matters to get you to your goals.

Live the creative life
Do new things, or do an existing thing in a different way each day. The mind likes novelty.

Develop your skill in lucid dreaming
Lucid dreaming allows you to influence and live in your dreams. Sleep can become useful and fun.

There are many other ways to make life interesting without needing to cause drama or piss everyone off.  You are the agent of change in your life, thus if you dislike something, then change it.


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