The Satanist and personal benefit

At the core of the choices and actions of human individuals is the idea they benefit in some way from it.  The individual Satanist takes the idea of personal benefit to a new level, we are ultimately selfish individuals, or why would we be Satanists?

The story of Bronze and Iron metalworking
Bronze is a durable harder quality of metal than iron, yet why did the world choose iron over bronze, bringing about a new age called the Iron Age that replaced the Bronze Age? The reason is that bronze is harder to obtain and manufacture, whilst iron is common and simpler, offering the same benefits as bronze in tool making despite its inferior quality.  Thus in the story of human progress the idea, innovation or tool that offers the most benefit to the individual is adopted by the individual or group.  When Henry Ford asked customers what they wanted, they said a faster horse, Ford then created a motorized version of a horse called the automobile, and thus the horse quickly became redundant as a tool of transport.

Offer an idea, make it useful
Memes, a fashionable term for ideas, is the current vogue amongst some Satanists.  The Satanist wishing to influence their target market throws out into the world their memes hoping that the rest of us will be infected and thus come under the influence of their ideas.  Most of these meme-obsessed mind manipulators forget that unless an idea is beneficial to its target audience, it is rejected and dies; think bronze against iron, or horse against automobile.  Let me offer three examples of a regular set of memes these mind-manipulators use that are doomed to failure:

1. Idea/meme: all Satanists should join a gang.
FAIL: The Satanist is at their core an individual; there is no personal benefit in joining a gang, which is no different from joining the Mormons, and results in the outcome of conforming slavery to a group.

2. Idea/meme: all Satanists in a gang must give unquestioning loyalty to the gang.
FAIL: The Satanist questions everything and places no master but themselves in their own lives.  There is no personal benefit.

3. Idea/meme: the Satanist must destroy the State and its institutions.
FAIL: Satanists are not altruistic freedom fighters, there is no benefit in bringing down a system that can be more fruitfully manipulated for personal benefit.  The Wall Street banker does more damage to society whilst becoming wealthy than the deluded terrorist who languishes on death row for killing people whilst blowing up a bank.

Offer a benefit, change the world; offer a liability, enjoy oblivion.


6 thoughts on “The Satanist and personal benefit

  1. Maybe I’m just too disgusted with the satanic “scene” to give a damn about some wannabe VIPs, but I don’t recall those memes. Not that they aren’t out there though. I know there are stupid people with delusions of grandeur out there.

    To me, a true Satanist would not respond favorably to being told they “must” do X,Y, or Z.

    I have more of a problem with these orgs promoting their own exclusive and “elite” status. For a blatant example, the CO$

    “We are a group of dynamic individuals who stand forth as the ultimate underground alternative—the Alien Elite. ”

    • I noticed the Church of Satan has had an internet upgrade, and I have some blog posts planned on some of their question-answer topics.

      I agree, being told how to think or do by external authorities is going to get a hostile reaction from Satanists.

  2. So, I’m coming in new to the blog, and over the years have only gained a vague understanding of Satanism proper (this is mainly commenting on the comments above as well), but Satanism is essentially about learning, understanding, and empowering the self, correct? While I consider myself pagan purely for the broadness of the term, I have always been a solo practitioner, and the focus on the self has always been something that has drawn me to Satanism, though I have yet to delve too far into it.

    • Hi NeuronTree,

      “…learning, understanding, and empowering the self…” Yes you are correct.

      I consider the core foundation of Independent Satanism in my own words:

      “Manifesting personal will to be a god in your own life.”

      Simply this considers:
      1. you actively pursue your full personal potential.
      2. you reject all slavery and conformity.
      3. you are master in your own life.
      4. you build your own unique path that reflects your goals, needs and situation.

      For me the Baphomet is a perfect personal representation of Satan as a liberating and creative force in my life.

      There are many interpretations of Satanism, I give one interpretation, which many identify with.

      Despite the dominance of Satanism by Satanic groups, Satanism essentially is a path of the individual or solo practitioner.

      • It’s absurd what a negative connotation Satanism receives in society. After all, that sounds a lot like the conscious desire of every individual (whether or not they are aware of the constant programming that occurs in society is a whole, separate matter).
        It sounds very naturalist, as well – number 3 and 4 specifically.
        Thanks for enlightening me further on the subject matter 🙂

      • You are welcome 🙂
        Sadly, those who like to control their fellow human beings dislike people being individualistic, thus they cast that which threatens their control as demonic or evil.

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