A teenage experience of Satanism

The following is a great article that captures a teenagers personal experience of Satanism, and the pitfalls of teenage ignorance in the absence of quality Satanic information:



4 thoughts on “A teenage experience of Satanism

  1. “Erik and I looked up to him in this respect, for neither of us knew anything about “alternative” religions at the time.”

    I knew when I read that, the outcome was not going to be very favorable. Never look up to anyone.
    Kids should not dabble in ANY religion. This kid went about it for all the wrong reasons. That it didn’t end well doesn’t surprise me at all. I saw it coming.

  2. Thanks for reposting this interesting and intelligent article. I will put it on my site as well. It’s well written and give really good pointers – exactly the same that I figured out from reading so I can only recommend it.

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