The Satanist and the psychopath

I keep an eye on the world news media reports of Satanism, the familiar stereotype is repeated of the Satanic psychopath involved in sex crime and murder.  The US-based NBC reports recently of one of two teens who claimed to be a Satanist and murdered a classmate.

The traits of a pseudo-Satanic killer or sex abuser reported in the media

In my subjective view I list the following traits of many of these so-called Satanic killers and sex abusers:

  • they are teens.
  • they are low education achievers.
  • they have mental health and social problems
  • they are angry individuals.
  • they have below normal intelligence.
  • they are ignorant about Satanism beyond Hollywood or Christian stereotypes.

Most Satanists are teenagers

The regular trait I notice amongst the reports of self-proclaimed Satanist killers is they are teenagers or in their low twenties.  These people are at best pseudo-Satanists who were drawn to Satanism because of the propaganda that Satanists are all child-abusing murderous psychopaths, and if Satanism was not available these people would have found another label or social group to blame for their actions.

Satanic teens join Joy of Satan

Most teens who come to Satanism do so from influences in the media and the music industry, which provides for them a useful vehicle of transition from childhood to adult in the absence of effective modern rites of passage.  The number of Satanists in the world range from 50,000 to 100,000 Satanists, many who are teenagers.  Over ten thousand of these teenagers end up in Joy of Satan, a theistic-orientated internet group, often identifiable because they call Satan “Father Satan.”  Once the teenager has constructed their adult self they usually abandon Satanism for something else, but a few carry on to become more deeply involved in Satanism.

Satanists contribute to blame for media stereotypes

In my opinion Satanists encourage the media stereotypes of Satanists as murderous psychopaths and child abusers.  The Church of Satan could do with a facelift, and dropping its symbolic rituals of sacrifice.  Satanic forums could also take a stronger line against the pseudo-Satanists who troll and dominate them under the label of “Order of Nine Angles” (ONA); who at their core attract a verbose vocal few dozen of angry, manipulative and hateful psychopaths, who encourage the sort of stereotypes of murder and sacrifice that Satanism is being tainted with; and most recently, according to a certain ONA-poster on a Satanic forum, have become involved in the rape and pornographic exploitation of children.


12 thoughts on “The Satanist and the psychopath

    • Yes, the full quote is:

      “Stupidity—The top of the list for Satanic Sins. The Cardinal Sin of Satanism. It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful. Ignorance is one thing, but our society thrives increasingly on stupidity. It depends on people going along with whatever they are told. The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable. Satanists must learn to see through the tricks and cannot afford to be stupid.” ANTON LAVEY

  1. So in other words, you’d prefer an orthodoxy and, nomian form of Satanism. Thing is, with autonomy it’s pretty much tough shit for you and anyone else that presumes to arbitrarily decide who is and isn’t a Satanist. Stereo-typing is based in truths, if that’s such a jagged little pill perhaps you might choose another label for yourself and your idea-set.

    • @ SIN – Those are your words not mine. You seem confused, but this blog offers a hardcore viewpoint on Satanism which may or may not be agreed by others, it does not control or force ideas on anyone.

      • I’d say your preferences are pretty clear when you stated this: “In my opinion Satanists encourage the media stereotypes of Satanists as murderous psychopaths and child abusers. The Church of Satan could do with a facelift, and dropping its symbolic rituals of sacrifice. ”

        You call this hardcore? And I’m confused?

  2. Very good points. I, myself, have encountered some of these psychopathic ONA types. They’re parasites and scum who have the nerve to say that Satanists who aren’t psychopaths like them are “fakes”. Lots of neo-Nazi types, too. Just a bunch of angry immature straight white men. Best to just brush them off like the nothings they are.

    Great blog, by the way! 😉

      • I don’t even get what the point or goal of this extreme version of antinomianism is. From what I have seen from the most extreme ONA writings is that they wish to destroy all modern societies and implement a lifestyle that is based upon tribal or gang allegiance and where there are no laws or governance since they view nation/states, governments and laws as all part of the “mundane” world. In other words, it would be like Mad Max or some similar post-apocalyptic scenario. Everyone will be at each other’s throats all the time. You couldn’t trust anyone. There would be no respite from the killing, the rapes, fighting within and between gangs/tribes, etc. Violence would be constant. Life would be short, ugly and brutal with nothing beautiful or higher. We wouldn’t be able to create art, develop philosophy or pursue scientific endeavor. How could we, when we’d be so focused on merely staying alive? How would we be able to eat or have access to clean water in such a state of social breakdown? Most of the morons who promote such things would probably be among the first to go in such a scenario. Women certainly have no place supporting that since they would be nothing but slaves and pieces of meat to be raped and otherwise abused and brutalized. Look at how women are treated in war zones or other places where the rule of law has broken down, for example. It’s completely atrocious. However, that wouldn’t last very long because humans have an innate drive towards order and so we’d eventually rebuild civilization. Guess they didn’t think of that.

        Apparently, these dupes haven’t bothered to think out the ramifications of this.

        The truth is, we need social order in order to be anything more than feral predators/prey living in terror. That we have laws isn’t the problem. The only problem with law is when the law is used to unnecessarily restrict individual freedom and promote censorship. But we need at least basic law and the enforcement of those laws in order to have enough order to live relatively stress-free lives and to be able to focus our energies on more important things, such as the advancement of ourselves as individuals and our species. Civilization is a wonderful thing that should be cultivated and ever-improved. There’s a reason why humans ran away from the brutal wilderness and created societies and civilization.

        Satan may be an Adversary, but He is the Adversary of tyranny. He is also the Light Bearer and so He is the Patron of the finest aspects of human endeavor – ascension, improvement and enlightenment. So those psychopaths aren’t Satanists. They don’t even know Who or what Satan is.

      • Well said Frank.

        Fortunately the human drive of the majority is for security and prosperity, thus the few who threaten that will quickly find themselves eliminated, either killed or jailed. It does not take much for instance to have a group that threatens the majority to be declared illegal and chased into the ground.

        I am pragmatic, whilst society is flawed there are more efficient and positive ways to make changes in society, if that is how a Satanist wishes to manifest their will, through invention and creativity, than pursuing a psychopathic delusion.

        These psychopaths seek to impose a group-minded structure and dogma onto everyone else, which is totally unSatanic. Satanism as you say has always been in opposition to imposed conformity and tyranny. History always shows that in the aftermath of chaos a dictator arises in answer to the call by the majority for stability: Napoleon; Stalin; Cromwell… to name a few. Those few who try to manipulate Satanists into the delusion that a mad-max world is best are ignorant of how the human mind works and of human history.

        I always say I am happy to live in a society where I can live my own life as I please, especially as a Satanist, as 500 years ago I would be burning at the stake for my ideas. Should the Christians and Muslims start believing that they can turn back the clock the Satanists will be amongst the first to feel the tyranny that will unleash. Satanists need to be careful for what is wished for, which includes continuing to host the delusional ideas of a few psychopathic clowns that troll their ignorance under their false guise in Satanism.

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