About Theistic Satanism

The core idea of Theistic Satanism is the belief in Satan as an entity.  Spiritual Satanism is an individualistic belief system around the idea of Satan as an entity, a personal relationship between the Satanist and Satan.  Religious Satanism is where an individual has chosen to adopt structured predefined ritual and ideology (dogma) as part of a shared group-minded activity around the idea of Satan as an entity, commonly described as devil worship.

The individual Satanist chooses liberty over slavery regardless of their form of Satanism

Religious Satanism in all its forms is problematic in that it results in the individual becoming enslaved to dogma, entity or group.  If it is accepted that the ideal of the individual Satanist is “manifestation of personal will to become their own god in their own life,” then nothing can become a master other than self in their own life, thus all enslaving aspects must be avoided.  Pursuit of the individualistic form that is Spiritual Satanism places the entity of Satan in the form of a liberating guide at the right-hand of the individual, rather than as an enslaving entity that the individual has chosen to worship as a slave.  At all times the Satanist is master and never slave, thus Satan becomes a guide rather than master, where the individual Satanist is the primary authority in their own lives, and Satan is placed as a type of guiding figure rather than a master to be worshiped.

In my opinion the individual is no better off if they are enslaving themselves to Satan than they were if they had previously been worshiping Jesus.  It is perfectly acceptable in my opinion to believe in Satan as an entity, as longs as the individual remains as central authority in their own lives i.e. rejecting all slavish notions.

Satan can take many names and appearances, but the meaning the Satanist gives to Satan is important

Satan can take the form of many names and appearances, all which is down to the individual preference of the Satanist, for instance the belief in Satan as the entity called Cthulhu in the Lovecraft books.  The form that Satan takes is not so important as the meaning that the individual Satanist gives to Satan, which in my opinion should promote values of liberation, empowerment and personal development for the individual Satanist.

Venus Satanas is a good source of information on Spiritual Satanism

Venus Satanas is a good source of information on Spiritual Satanism, and promotes the Theistic orientated form of Individual Satanism.  Her internet site is as follows:  http://www.spiritualsatanist.com/


8 thoughts on “About Theistic Satanism

  1. As a theistic Satanist myself, I must say: spot on.

    Worship of Satan as a theistic Satanist is nothing like reverence of Christ. Satan is a guiding entity who frequently parlays, bargains, debates, and even compromises with His chosen. He is the only deity who is ultimately sympathetic to the plight of humans, and thus He works alongside them as their equal — not as their oppressor, master or messiah.

    Satan’s counsel has guided me well for as long as I’ve chosen to listen to it, but the diligent theistic Satanist is also aware that it was the Judeo-Christian God who said “place no other gods before me.” Satan doesn’t mind if you play the field — in fact, He often insists, as mental stagnancy (even through Him!) is abhorrent to His wishes.

    As long as your interpretation of Satan, whether atheistic or theistic, inspires you to better yourself, think freely and become self-reliant, then you are a Satanist.

    • Thanks for your awesome insights on theistic Satanism.

      You made a good point on stagnancy, a subject worthy of a post in its own right. Too much control or slavish action can rapidly result in toxic stagnation, something that in my opinion a Satanist should avoid.

  2. While I generally agree with your beliefs about extreme individualism as the one of the core ideas of the satanism, I think you oversimplify and exaggerate on many fronts in your articles.

    Only classical sociopaths are void of social instincts, while most people, including majority of satanists, although tending in the direction of individualism, they are still social creatures, meaning: social psychological mechanisms are present and one cannot just get rid of them.

    Even our conversation or your desire to pass your views to others has a source in inborn social instincts. And like it or not, social power is much greater then of an individual. Let me explain it: take greatest thinkers, individuals, achievers in our history and put them outside social context or society. They would be nothing… An individual can use social structure to achieve incredible things, things that sole person is unable to do, due to the limited lifespan. The whole civilization is built on social structures.

    As hominidae animals, we like the closeness, touch and presence of others of our kind. Moreover, closeness and touch of other animals – we need it for correct mental and PHYSICAL development.

    We – as satanists may be extreme individualists, but we shouldn’t put ourselves in the corner of hermit outcasts that have no influence over the humanity. We should use social structures toward our advantage but that also means – to BE PART OF THEM.

    The difference that is to notify here is, that most people is just enslaved to those structures, while satanists can be aware of them and choose which one they want to follow and dismiss those that don’t work for us. And while following some structure, one must also know that this is merely a conscious choice (that can be changed), not an obligation (as most people thinks).

    Our/satanists greatest strength – individualism, is also our greatest weakness… And since individualism is something we embrace automatically, we must learn how to use and move within social structures to achieve more then one individual. So the biggest help would be to help other satanists be more social creatures without loosing individualism – it;s not simple but it can be done. Being outcasts is what satanists already can do on their own, we don’t need more pep talk into that direction. Well, such talk sounds nice because it flatters our ego but doesn’t help us really…

    And other thing is, that sadly there are many satanists wannabes that are socially enslaved and they are not fully aware of it, but they feel that something is wrong and they want to break free but they don’t know how and are scared to do it… We should be there for them to help them become individualistic if they have enough motivation.

    • Individualism is the foundation upon which the individual Satanist builds their path, but when they interact with others they do so always with awareness of their own individuality. The danger, which happens to most people, is they forget their individuality and get sucked into a group-minded trap, no longer aware of themselves, only aware of the group.

      • Individuality of people is lost in group/social situations and we can’t do much about it. It’s just instinct. Only few have inborn mental construction that allows them to stay cool headed in such situations . I do have such “flaw” myself (it pops up in my family now and then – my aunt from my father side is also antisocial type, exactly like me – it seems it runs in genes), but because of being inadequate and not bound by social ties, I was terrified and pissed off at the same time of social situations when I was young – luckily I was able to grow up and learn how to deal with those emotions and situations, so it’s no longer awkward but stable and controllable by me. However lack of pull (to put it mildly, it’s rather aversion ;P) toward social gatherings stayed. I love one on one situations, eventually with two other persons. When there is more, I withdraw and lose interest, because of the change of the dynamic from individual to social (more shallow topics, topics that should interested “everyone” but not really… topics that are not personal, etc.).
        There are some exceptions. I have now a topic that usually works well in social situations that could be general enough and will still interest me – business, as it’s my daily bread. But I still prefer more personal and individual relationship if possible.

        We can bitch about it, but complaining won’t do much good. But we can raise awareness, teach others how to be more independent and see that social interaction don’t have to rule over them, at least not completely. It’s a hard work 🙂 but we must stay forbearing for those less fortunate ;). We can’t expect that all satanists will be all anti-social persons, although that is one of the main reasons why people come to satanism. They want to be free, not bound by society and yet be able to live successfully in it. It’s very, very tricky but can be done.

      • Hi Zalbarath, thanks for your comments which gave me much thought, as a result a series of blog posts is planned around the subject of group and individuality.

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