Towards a new Satanic paradigm

Before 1960 Satanism had a theistic outlook limited to secret societies and covens, then came a paradigm shift thanks to the Satanic philosopher Anton LaVey who introduced Satanism to a wider audience through his rationalistic interpretation of Satanism known as Laveyanism.  From Laveyan roots blossomed different interpretations of rationalistic Satanism, and a multitude of new Satanic groups and churches.

Despite LaVey Satanism remained group-orientated

It is thanks to Anton LaVey that Satanism gained a rationalist atheistic-orientated form of Satanism, but he kept Satanism firmly mired in group-think, where the group dominated Satanism.  Until the 1990’s the only way a Satanist could obtain information and links with Satanism was via the Satanic group.

The coming of the internet changes Satanism

The internet broke group monopoly over Satanism.  When the internet became popular from the 1990’s onwards it gave the individual access to formerly restricted and controlled information, including that which Satanic groups had a monopoly over.  No longer does the individual Satanist have to join a Satanic group in order to obtain Satanic knowledge to build their personal path, since such knowledge is freely and widely available on the internet, obtainable in the privacy of their own home or via any device such as a smart phone.

A paradigm shift from group to individualistic Satanism

The tool of the internet makes it now possible for the individual Satanist to obtain all the knowledge and resources they will ever need to construct their own form of Satanism.  No longer does the individual need to belong to a group, or enslave themselves to a self-appointed guru, they can with intelligence be their own Satanic god, cutting out all the group-minded garbage in the process.

The Satanist has a choice

The internet has empowered the Satanist with knowledge and tools to be their own god in their own life, but the choice remains, does the Satanist embrace individualistic liberty or group-minded slavery?

The new paradigm is individual liberty

Groups such as the Church of Satan are no longer relevant.  It is now possible for the Satanist to embrace a new version of Satanism, which is Individual Satanism.  Sure, Satanists will call their interpretation of Satanism by different names, but at its core they have embraced a new paradigm of individual Satanism, which in my own words is:

“Manifestation of personal will to become a god in their own lives.”


18 thoughts on “Towards a new Satanic paradigm

  1. When I first read the title of that post, I honestly thought this was about the Church of Satan changing into an atheistic organization from a different philosophy back in its early years. Brilliant post though.

  2. when I started out in satanism I was closely involved with the First church of satan, ran by rev, John Allee. I was approached by the c.o.s prior to this they almost guaranteed me priesthood if i was to join them. I admit i was sort of thinking that it would be a great thing to do since i was a young musician I thought it could some how launch my career. but I decided not to Join the c.o.s for many reasons I am not going to bash them but they where just not for me.

    what I had learned from Rev John, was that anyone could be a satanist anyone could have the power of a whole church. he also taught us that satanism did not need to be set in one typical way and no satanism was superior to another. he did promote Individualism even tho he had his church he always made it a point to make people aware that it is them not a church or group that holds the power.

    I was an individual satanist for a very long time and in many ways I still am An Individual satanist because even tho I do run a church I have my own views on satanism that are not always popular or even practiced in the church of Leviathan, The reason I began the Church of Leviathan was because the First church of Satan closed. and I did not see any other satanic organizations teaching Individualism and focusing on the needs of the individual.
    the church of Leviathan does not dictate one form of satanism or occult spirituality we embrace them all. and we exist as a support organization to help anyone find their own individual path.

    I am A Satan against the majority of these organizations and church orgs who Preach freedom yet ridicule others for their belief I am the Adversary of those who want to use Satan as a way to boost their own popularity. I do not support people who use satanism as a way to get into the mainstream.

    It is in My own opinion that Satanism should never be mainstream it never should sit next to mickey mouse satanism must remain a religion,philosophy, for the Adversary we must always go against the grain.

    • Satanism by its nature will always go against conformity and convention, and this is only possible when the individual follows their own path, otherwise they become a slave.

  3. I really hope this statement is intended as a paraody “It is thanks to Anton LaVey that Satanism gained a rationalist atheistic-orientated form of Satanism”. People have tried to rationalize human nature and its positive -negative aspects forever through rationalized mythos. LaVey was another hack profitting from calculated religious theatrics at the expense of others. His followers continue to commit to his renditions of Satanism/or what a human should be because they are unable to create and think of something new that has personal value.

    • No parody. I think you do an injustice to Anton Lavey, he followed the ideas of his time, a time that had no internet for starters. We all live in a new age, and ideas must evolve with the times. The individual has no need for prepackaged dogma, or groups, they have at their fingertips all the resources they need via the internet to follow their own unique Satanic path.

  4. That is precisely the point LaVey followed he did not lead. He like so many others kept to the information provided, manipulated it for his own purposes, and did not create anything new. He was another charismatic politician saying all the right rhetoric while making a profit. It would have been nice if he aluded more about the mistakes he made and the lessons he learned from them. Really exposing the injustices with wisdom gained. He cowered under pride. Instead the only testament to his legacy is another figure teaching what to do to remain unsuccessful and unempowered in life. The internet is just copy and pasted information that is not always accurate filled with the same redundant human folly and variable words. It lines the pockets of social media and cyber investors. I do not worry about the evolution of people experience has a way of working through all present illusions on and off line.

    • Anton LaVey added an atheistic-rationalistic interpretation to Satanism, adding another alternative layer to Satanism. LaVey was like many people of his time focused on the group-construct, he created the Church of Satan which he logically took the leadership of. The legacy of LaVey is Laveyanism, and most importantly the Satanic Bible.

      All Satanists operate out of self interest. When a group is created it is often the leaders who benefit at the expense of their followers. In the case of Anton LaVey, his philosophy never made him rich, he died in poverty.

  5. LaVey recannonized Chaucer. He added nothing new to the LHP he just plagerized earlier philosophers and works. Even his sexual exploits stood on the backs of hedonists before him.

    • I do not see how you can associate Chaucer to LaVey, I have read Chaucer.

      All ideas are recycled from older sources, LaVey has redirected such ideas into Satanism, creating a new foundation upon which Satanists can work to build their own forms of Satanism.

  6. He was mocking the church like Chaucer and reiterating the cunning devices of evil women- like I said nothing new. If anything is created new from Satanists it is because the individual manifested that not LaVey. So I have learned what I need to know from this forum. I think I have a clear picture of who’s who on the internet LHP and their motivations. Thank you for your posts and feedback.

    • @ Sara
      Satanists tend to mock organized religion. There is of course no such thing as evil, and women have a natural gift for seduction. As you point out, I agree that few ideas of LaVey are original, but he has created an entire paradigm or template for Satanism which did not exist before the 1960’s.

      I am glad this blog has been useful to you.

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