Satanism and race

A Satanist recently complained because his Facebook page was deleted and his Facebook account blocked.  The Satanist had promoted white supremacy as part of his Satanic beliefs on Facebook, attacking other races as inferior, leading to Facebook taking action against the Satanist.

Racial and white supremacist ideals have become mixed up in many Satanist beliefs, especially of those who come into contact with the Joy of Satan.  My question is, does skin colour really confer advantage of one human over another, beyond subjective opinion?


9 thoughts on “Satanism and race

  1. Skin color does not confer advantage of one human over another. I think the bigger question is how do separatists and integrates coexist peacefully? Separation happens on many levels. There as you know are separatists throughout many co-cultures. I think there is an argument to be made that via the human genome project that race is just another arbitrary made up word humanity has clung to for license to express mating preference, anger, pride, and projective superiority. I am not sure the line of integrates and separatists are really clear cut either. Both parties hold a very intolerant line as to their narcissistic world view point with little respect to one another or even singular individuals within their paradigm of thought. I would consider myself both a separatist and integrate. For example, I am a separatist of drug co-cultures. I refuse to glorify that realm of society. I have watched families be destroyed by drugs and the domestic violence that comes with it. I have heard security check point stories where a newborn baby was hollowed out and stuffed with cocaine while trying to be walked through a security point for some asshole to get a few bucks and another to get a quick high because it feels good. I have seen people continue to reduce themselves to nothing more than a drain on society and I see separation as a great way to continue to enjoy my life and keep my family safe. It is empowering staying away from these individuals contrary to popular sentiments. Personally I think the most productive thing a drug addict and dealer can do is go down to felony flats and overdose while providing a coroner with a job if recovery is not on their present agenda. I am a separatist of this co-culture and do not respectfully ask that those in that co-culture stay away from my path and home. I integrate by showing respect to both separatists and integrates worldview points. If their world viewpoint conflicts with my worldview point I first find the safest way to separate or if necessary protect myself when a situation turns hostile. Hostile situations can happen in any co-culture.

    • Yes, there is an argument for instance creating personal or national boundaries to protect finite resources such as a limited food supply, though this has nothing to do with race.

  2. Race is a complicated subject. I will throw away all PC “arguments” and base this on my experience. I’ll try not to ramble on too much because this can’t be answered in one post.

    First, I’m white, and I’ve worked with and been around blacks on the job. One management job I had I was the only white; employees and customers were all black. I have been to many areas where black crime is high (Watts, Compton, S. Central LA in general, E. St Louis, Detroit etc, and in every state in the mainland US.

    I think that there are levels of attainment within each race. It’s not as simple as saying “whites are the most advanced” even though the evidence proves it to my satisfaction.

    But there are cultural factors too.

    For example, there’s this
    “t is estimated that the first sewers of ancient Rome were built between 800 and 735 BC. ”

    In the 1800’s, Londoners were still throwing bodily waste into the streets.

    And in Africa today, there is still a big problem with open defecation. They would have no sanitation if it wasn’t for the white man. In fact I’ll go further and say that without the white man, Sub-Saharan Africa would be depopulated now. When the aid stops, as it will surely do sooner or later, they will die,

    Some blacks I’ve dealt with are impulsive animals, while others are reasonably intelligent and kind. And imho the cause for the difference is not just because of how they were raised. Just like whites, some blacks are raised well and end up on death row, while others were raised with little or no guidance and they do OK. This is what tells me that their spirits are at different levels of advancement.

    This also ties into my belief in reincarnation,. Lest anyone think I wear a white bedsheet or an SS uniform and say “white power” a lot, if I am right about reincarnation then I have lived lives of different races and cultures. So, they are were I was in the past. Because of that, I can’t hate the but I do avoid them because too many of them are too impulsive and unpredictable. I can’t pick out the less advanced ones by just looking at them (unless they are “sagging” etc),

    It’s sad because I’ve met blacks that are afraid of their own races kids. They turn their houses into prisons, with bars everywhere. Some sleep in bathtubs to shield themselves from gunfire.

    To answer your question, to me skin color is nothing more than a potential indicator of possible criminal behavior. Blacks are about 13% of the population and make up 50% of the current prison population. That doesn’t count paroled felons, That’s a problem.
    But I also know that no race is “inferior”. They just belong with others that are at the same level.

    The US has given blacks every unfair advantage to get them up to speed and it is a miserable failure. They can’t make it here, And they destroy entire cities one neighborhood at a time.

    • Thanks for your insights. You are right to infer there is more to the issue than just the color of an individuals skin. The Satanist in my opinion needs to be watchful and questioning of their own mind in case they fall to the mindtraps of prejudice that society has dumped into their brain from an early age.

      The color of an individuals skin is separate from the prejudice that a person has to that skin. The high number of Afro-Americans who end up on death row or in jail compared to white-Caucasians in the USA has nothing to do with their skin color, but everything to do with a subjective mental idea that people have to the person of a different skin color.

      Europeans were living in caves and mud huts when those with a dark skin color were building pyramids and great cities of civilisation.

      I have visited many homes where white-Caucasians lived in filth that would make me vomit, but in contrast I have also visited those of a different skin color who were house proud and had done their homes up in beautiful styles.

      Racism, and the problems it brings such as ghettos and social problems all stem from racial prejudice.

  3. Recently, I’ve had similar discussions about Satanism and sexism. I would say that Satanism looks at individual character and deeds rather than race or sex. How could one rationally justify discrimination of one person, group, or an other when a member of that group brings more to the table in terms of progressive thought or deeds than the so-called “Satanist,” who is espousing condemnation? If you want an example of how groundless discrimination is, I encourage you to look up Oscar Wilde and Alan Turing, who were persecuted under the Labouchere Amendment.

    • Well said. I consider many forms of discrimination that treats another person through a filter based on categories such as race or gender to be tribalistic, or group-orientated, which is an attribute of a group-slave rather than a truly liberated individual.

      • I would be careful about making a distinguishing difference of individual verses group. A group is just a bunch of individuals that may share the same viewpoint. There is no evidence of slavery or enslavement of many individuals “choosing” to have a similar viewpoint. They just happen to have a similar stance in common they are comfortable with. Know what I mean? I think the greater challenge of a Satanist is to see how many ideas or viewpoints are something they choose to believe and walk out or if the viewpoints they currently adopt are something they learned through other influences without owning up to its meaning and personal impact on themselves and others.

      • There is a huge difference between group and individual. The individual is unique, and if they follow their individuality they can never be enslaved. The group, when many people come together, automatically fall into a group-mind, which is human nature, and often knocks out individuality and thus all can fall to slavery. There is a post I plan to make on group against individuality.

  4. I look forward to this piece. I am sure you have read the Lucifer Prinicpal that may apply to some aspects of sociology.

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