Hypocrisy in religion

The State of Arizona in the USA recently voted for a Christian religion-inspired law to allow shops and other service providers the right to refuse to serve gay people.  The Governor of Arizona vetoed the law, which would likely have been struck down by the Supreme Court, causing an outcry by Christians that they were being discriminated against.

A few years ago I suggested to a large group of atheists that only atheism should be allowed on the planet Mars, should that planet ever be colonised.  The response of atheists was that nobody should be discriminated against. I can guarantee that if Christians from Arizona responded to such a question, their response would be a total ban on all but their own religion on Mars.

The hypocrisy of Christians in Arizona is sickening.  CNN recently gave space to a Christian on their internet platform to whine about their religion coming under attack via a video, because they were denied the right to discriminate against gay people based upon religion.  By some coincidence a person sitting behind me as I write this post was arrested and fined for religious discrimination against gay people.

The message is simple to religious people, if they wish to enjoy their rights to practice their religion, they must offer the same right of liberty to all those different to them to go about their lives without discrimination or restriction from those of religion.  Liberty works both ways.


9 thoughts on “Hypocrisy in religion

  1. It’s not about liberty.

    How many times have you heard them say “(insert disaster here) was gods judgment on a sinful nation!!!”

    We are a threat, because we won’t get with the program and that will bring their gods’ judgment on all of us.

    They try to convert others to their way of thinking, and they think they are doing it out of love, but they aren’t. They are doing it out of fear.

    I know how these people think, because I was one of them. They are authoritarians by nature. They desire a theocracy. And when they don’t get their way, they scream “persecution!!!”.

    And the more they are marginalized because people are slowly but surely coming to their senses, the more crazy the fundamentalists will become. And they do have the potential to become dangerous to those they see as the enemy.

  2. Is it fair to say that extreme conservative right and extremist leftists are really a mirror image of one another. Both swear they are making the world a better place but there is no evidence to support that, they believe their world view point alone should dominate against all others, and both react with a lack of respect to those outside their comfort paradigms? I think they both are like wind up toys that come crashing off the side of a table by self appointed attrition.

  3. You might find generative anthropology or sometimes called anthropoetics interesting studies when looking at human behavior/ nature, politics, and religion.

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