The Satanist and charity

Ayn Rand said on charity:

“My views on charity are very simple. I do not consider it a major virtue and, above all, I do not consider it a moral duty. There is nothing wrong in helping other people, if and when they are worthy of the help and you can afford to help them. I regard charity as a marginal issue. What I am fighting is the idea that charity is a moral duty and a primary virtue.”

Charity is a means to an end

It is my opinion that there is nothing wrong with charity, but as far as the individual Satanist is concerned, nothing is done unless it benefits the individual Satanist.  In my view all things start and end in the self, in manifesting the personal will to be their own god in their own lives the Satanist acts in ways that advances their personal goals.

There is often a hidden agenda behind a charitable act

Often I see people with an impressive record of charity convicted of some of the worst crimes: Jerry Sandusky (USA) who shocked everyone when convicted of raping boys over a 15-year-period; Jimmy Saville (UK) a household name known for his charity work over many decades, who it was discovered after his death had used his fame to sexually abuse hundreds of victims.

In my view charity is a means to an end for most people, not just Satanists.  The child rapist uses charity as a suitable cover for their violation of children, a strategy until the modern era which worked well for pillars of the community such as Sandusky and Saville, since in the past society preferred to believe a man of good reputation over the claims of a child.  I look for the hidden agenda when I encounter people involved in charity, I can guarantee that if there is no discernible personal benefit from a charitable act, something sordid is going on in the background with regards to charitable do-gooders.

Charity used intelligently increases personal wealth and power

Charity is a good strategy to achieve personal ends when used intelligently, for instance people in business can use charity as a means to gain honorary awards such as knighthoods in Britain, or a cushy diplomatic post in the USA, all which boosts status and thus the opportunity to harvest power and wealth.  On a more mundane level I eliminate junk that is taking up room in my home by giving it to charity.

Charity is a retarded strategy doomed to fail for most Satanic groups

It is bizarre to me when I see Satanic groups claiming to be charitable.  I see the relevancy when the Satanic Temple proposed a social enterprise to clean up litter from a public highway, a project that they knew would fail, but with the hidden agenda to attract publicity and build a media presence for their political activism.  But when I see Satanic groups such as the Church of Malphas and the Church of Leviathan in a contest to see who could be the most charitable I am unable to see the benefit, as it happens I discovered that the Church of Malphas had been making false charity claims in at least one case, and no doubt if I dug further I would find other examples.  Most charities won’t want to be seen associated with Satanic groups, for this would be bad for business.  There is no discernible benefit for Satanic groups to waste their resources in public campaigns of charitable works, most Satanists regard such activity as retarded, and the mass of humanity will never see Satanic groups in a positive light regardless of what they do.


14 thoughts on “The Satanist and charity

  1. I like the idea of taking care of your self and family first. In other words do not give unless you have the extra funds to do so. Of course there are more than just monetary contributions of charity but I’ll stick to the monetary contributions for the purpose of this discussion. If I do give to charity and I have no debt then I make sure the charity is a tax write off- more money to put towards charities I do support later. I would recommend if big oragnizations and false charities are a concern then look around your own neighborhood there are plenty of opportunities to help those in need without worrying about misappropriation of funds.

  2. I have documented more then ten seperate times malphas lied about charity work. And fake awards.

    As for the c.o.l we have worked with the red cross and amnesty international.
    Those two orgs do not discriminate against satanism. I would not try to help orgs that would discriminate against me.

    The reason some of our clergy do charitable work is because most of us come from lower income familys who where helped by charity.
    We make no money or gain gifts for Our work.

    The church of malphas began creating fake charity events and awards as. Some sort of competition.

    Charity is not usualy satanic in the opinions of most satanists.
    I also do not think people need to be charitable to be satanic. It all comes down to your own individual wants.

  3. Going to share this on my wall for sure. Well written. I myself started an out of pocket charity in 2009, I gather food boxes and make home cooked meals for low income individuals or families, I try to help the homeless with clothes, blankets and such, I go to nursing homes, hospitals and hospices with flowers, I donate books to used bookstores and libraries, I walk around grocery stores and hand out Cash cards to friendly/deserving customers and include a business card with it that simply says–Pay it forward on it and I buy random gifts for random friends on FB when I can afford to do so.

    I have friends who tell me that I am an amazing person, very generous, loving etc but maybe they do not realize that these actions make me feel good, I like to do them or I would not, I have the extra money so why not do something that gives you a rush and if it helps someone else in the process so be it.

    On a larger scale there is always that hope that someone will get wind of what I am doing and endorse me, imagine someone a bit well know like Ellen or Haha Oprah mentioning my charity projects, that might just be what I need to get in the right social circles to advance my ideas and position.

    I think that nearly everything I do has a hidden agenda/motive which is not always a bad thing, I might set situations up to achieve a specific end goal but its not always going to be something that causes harm to anyone…I have one friend who believes Satanists are ME ME ME and fuck you!

    I certainly do not feel that is how I am. 🙂

    Now that I have found your blog again, I will bookmark it and read past entries and find the current ones as well, thanks again for writing the above post!

  4. I’m writing an ethics paper on helping the poor / charity etc.

    I totally agree that charity always has some form of self motivation. One of the most recent examples I could think of is all of the “ice bucket challenge” videos on facebook. Were all these people motivated out of the goodness of their hearts? Or were they motivated to be seen by hundreds of friends as cool, trendy, charitable people?

    I think most charities do end up becoming a popularity contest. Who can be the most good and christianly. As LaVey said, even the buddhist monks who claim to be free of their ego compete with eachother over who is more spiritually ascended above worldly desire.

    • I will always question the motives of people who seem charitable, the so-called d0gooders. You are right, things like the “ice bucket challenge” is just a trend by people to impress their social media followers.

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