Satanic hysteria in Africa

A glance at the international news using the word “Satanist” often reveals a story from Africa, one of hysterical moral panic, often orchestrated by Christian priests.  The latest story in Soweto in South Africa alleges that two male students killed two girls in a Satanic ritual killing.

Most of Africa is backward both on a technological level and a psychological level.  Christian evangelists take advantage of ignorant and naive African minds subjecting them to the sort of Satanic hysteria well-known from the witch-burning era and the Satanic Abuse era.  Unlike the West the African continent lacks a credible source of Satanism, for instance a version of a Church of Satan, upon which to build an alternative Satanic worldview from the propaganda fed to Africans by the Christian churches.

Gullible superstitious Africans buy into the Christian propaganda resulting in deluded and often sensational claims associated with Satanism.  Worse, impressionable young minds are tempted to carry out the ideas fed to them by Christian priests via ritualistic killings and sexual abuse.  Africa is an example of what happens when Christian evangelists are able to feed gullible minds false ideas about Satanism without challenge.


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