False charity claims by Satanic church

Many Satanic groups tend to exaggerate or make false claims to boost their credibility, for instance making great show of their official recognition by the State, their charitable works, or the procession of titles such as “reverend.”  I have been watching the rivalry between the Church of Leviathan and the Church of Malphas for some months as they attempt to out-do each other with their charity and moralistic self-righteousness, wondering what the hell all their activity has got to do with Satanism.

The Church of Malphas today made a claim as follows:

“Church Of Malphas continues to support and work with those who suffer from Autism, offering spiritual guidance, love and hope.  Barbara Malphas-Samael and Church Of Malphas were recently honored in the United Kingdom for their work with this worthy cause.  Church Of Malphas continues to encourage others to get off of Facebook and other social media and actually work with individuals in the real world away from a computer.”

They also displayed a certificate as follows from a UK-based charity called Autism West Midlands:

A fraudulent claim by a Satanic group called "Church of Malphas."

A fraudulent claim by a Satanic group called “Church of Malphas.”

I asked an associate of mine to check out the claims of the Church of Malphas, which resulted in the following response from the Autism West Midlands charity:

My associate:
“Dear Sir/Madam,
I refer to the following link which claims association with your group:
Is this authentic?
Best regards.”

Reply by Autism West Midlands:
“Dear …, This is not authentic. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We will be in touch with the organisation concerned.
Best wishes … Head of Marketing and Communications Autism West Midlands”

Whilst my finding of the charity claim of the Church of Malphas to be false won’t set the world ablaze, it is a reminder that all Satanists should question everything they read on the internet.


15 thoughts on “False charity claims by Satanic church

  1. That is funny. I have never posted any fake award, thanks for doing the work for me I was going to actually contact these organizations.
    My charity work has nothing to do with “SATANISM”
    I do charity work because it is something that I want to do some people in The church of Leviathan, like it some don’t but I have never nor will I ever fake an award.

    The Church of Leviathan has members and clergy in all walks of life we have artists and musicians who do live events. we have people who are activists we have people who are purely into chaos who do not do any of that stuff.

    Many organizations these days seem to be wanting to do things for charity in the name of Satanism or to bring satanism into the public.
    I believe that it is a personal choice You do not need to be active.
    you also do not need to belong to a church or organization to be a Satanist.

    • I agree that charity is an individual thing, but you give the impression through your blog posts that it is your group involved in charity work, which is where I fail to see the connection to Satanism. Satanism is focused on the individual, and in theory the individual acts in self interest, for instance I occasionally donate unwanted clothing to charity, only because it is a way of disposing of clothing taking up space, thus I have acted in self interest.

      I also agree groups attract people from all walks of life, and that nobody needs to be part of a group to be a Satanist.

  2. Reblogged this on church of leviathan and commented:
    an interesting Opinionated view by a fellow blogger.
    I do however want to say the church of Leviathan has many people who are activists we never have made a fake award.
    we also Have many musicians and artists who do many public events. we support our members in their projects.
    it just so happens that our clergy is made of activists and we believe in some causes for example we are very into human rights.
    as Satanists majority of our clergy view satanism as a religion of freedom we despise those who abuse others for example sex offenders,child abusers,woman abusers, we support organizations that are against these actions.

    there is no competition between us and the church of Malphas. One organization makes false claims one does real things. we also do not believe that you must be an activist nor do you need to belong to a church or organization to be a Satanist.

    • “Church Of Leviathan, is the only legal spiritual occult church in the united states of America,dedicated to helping all people of all faiths,gender,oriantation,and race, we are all One people!”

      Oh really? The only legal one? All the rest are illegal, I suppose?

      This us a picture perfect illustration on why I avoid “satanic” groups. Everyone wants to be a bigshot VIP

      BTW you misspelled orientation.

      • In the united states, you must file with the us gov aka sec of state for recognition as a religious org.
        If you have not done this your clergy is not given the same rights as for example a catholic priest.

        Just because we are recognized by the united states as a church org it does not make us better then a coven of wiccans who gather on a beach

      • Recognition can be gained thru the Universal Life Church. It’s free. I did it. I wanted the “clergy” placard so I could park in their spaces. They can walk from the back if the lot. It’s just the cross they bear. I haven’t done snagged any of their prime parking spots yet.

        There’s no way you are the only group out there that have done this. To claim exclusivity like this is a little dodgy, imo.

        If you’re not handling donated money, what difference does it make if you’re “legal” or not?
        If you are handling money, then having a 501c-3 makes sense.

        But, it’s your .org.

        That Malphas org I always wondered what they were even doing. That they are proven crooks doesn’t surprise me.

  3. I have an autistic son, My son became a target of The church of malphas and their friends they made a photo of him putting a target on his face with the words Kill me now on it.

  4. Barbara Sobel owns various websites of my church name and our clergys names calling us pedophiles child abusers and so many other things. recently the church of malphs who also goes under another name the church of Ahriman Became involved with the satanic temple and Zach black. The church of Malphas is registered at the same address of the church of Ahriman.

    • It is unlikely Zach Black is involved with The Church of Malphas, he is hostile to Theistic orientated people.

      With respect, I observe that the Church of Leviathan is involved in the same sort of activities such as name calling as those it accuses of.

      Question: what is the connection of Tom Blackwood to the Church of Malphas, if any, as I see his name in their blog “tags”?

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