The Satanist and privacy

Carry out an action only if it benefits the self.  If the individual Satanist’s central goal is manifestation of personal will to be their own god in their own life, does sharing personal details confer a personal benefit?  Unless the individual Satanist seeks to influence opinion or enrich themselves through business, since sharing personal information promotes sincerity and trust, there is no advantage to being transparent with personal information under any other circumstance.

There is little personal benefit from sharing personal information.

The number of Satanists in the world is too small and diluted to offer much personal benefit through sharing personal information with them, and those such as Diane Vera, Lucien Greaves and Zach Black who seek personal benefit, still maintain strict privacy or act under aliases.

The State works to destroy personal reputations and lives

RT yesterday published a report on Western spy agencies recruiting “cyber magicians” whose role includes destroying the reputations, businesses and lives of those considered a threat by the State, that could reasonably include successful Satanists.

Envious and egotistical Satanists can ruin your life

It is an unfortunate trait amongst Satanists to be envious of those amongst us who rise to notable success, for instance Lucien Greaves has attracted considerable hostile envy from many quarters in Satanism, including the Church of Satan which has increasingly become sidelined by the Satanic Temple in the eyes of the media.  Ego-mania also runs rampant amongst Satanists, with too many individuals claiming ownership and authority over Satanism.  Hostile Satanists often attempt to destroy the reputations and lives of fellow Satanists.

Responsibility for privacy starts with the individual

For most Satanists there is no tangible benefit from sharing personal information with others in Satanism, rather it is like offering your hand to a hungry lion to eat.  Either due to ignorance or from personal malicious motive those in authority, including some in Satanism, encourage the notion that there is no privacy, and that the individual should be enthusiastically transparent with their personal information.

Sun Tzu: adopt strategies of secrecy and deception in your online activities

An often recommended book in the Left Hand Path for Satanists to read is the ancient work on war strategy called the “Art of War” by Sun Tzu, which is used by business, politicians and generals.  Two principles that Sun Tzu recommends is secrecy and deception, two strategies that I would encourage individual Satanists to adopt.


8 thoughts on “The Satanist and privacy

  1. Sun Tzu’s concepts that are grounded in deception is precisely why international relations is in the state that it is in today. AS for Lucien Greaves gaining hostility from the COS I am sure that is not the only group he has provoked. The are LGBT groups that work really hard to work against bigotry and have to climb twice as high mountains to adopt children and be well received in the co-cultures they live in. Between the reactionary antics of an angry 90’s child, media misrepresentations, and trying to build bridges of understanding as to the motivations of early religious writers there is little respect left. Envy is not the word I would use to describe their sentiments.

  2. As for the state destroying one’s reputation that just is not possible. There is a saying those that know you -you do not have to explain yourself… those that don’t will talk trash no matter what you say. This is where every individual has a choice to sink or swim. I choose to think in terms of Pronoia. I have been survellanced since the day I had bad taste in one particular man that became quite famous in the eyes of the media. I got to go to college with government authorities and have my phone tapped. I decided a long time ago oh well let them watch. I am not doing anything illegal. Besides now I have twenty four hour security at no cost.

    • Reputation in my opinion is a precious treasure easily lost. To those close perhaps indeed the individual need not explain themselves, but to get on in the world the individual is dealing mostly with strangers, a bad reputation, just like a bad credit history, can be disabling to personal advancement.

  3. I’m pretty sure that in the eyes of the Co$ and a few other orgs/VIP wannabees, I’m a pseudo-satanist. Why would I care what a bunch of attention whores and drama queens thinks about me? That’s all they are; attention whores and drama queens. And sheep.
    I think if one is a Satanist, one would not care what others thought, whether it’s flattering or not. If they do care, they need some thicker skin and some time away from the computer, because they lost focus.

    • I think deflection is an oxymoron to Satanism or any other co-culture. If the input of information results in an output that is detrimental to self- interest and others than an empathetic response is inevitable.

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