Dogma slavery leads to failure

I watched an interesting video yesterday on why Hitler lost the war…

Hitler placed his dogma of Aryan superiority above military strategy, for instance dismissing USA as a Jew-led weak nation that would be unable to place soldiers on European soil until 1970. Hitler was a dogma slave.

The individual Satanist succeeds because they reject dogma-slavery.  If all the Satanist chooses is walking another person’s path then they have chosen dogma slavery.  If an idea is working against you, get rid of it.  Build a personal philosophy that reflects your personal situation and goals.

There are plenty of pre-packaged dogmas on offer in Satanism, from Church of Satan to Joy of Satan, but all these dogmas will enslave the individual to the benefit of others if they are adopted in slavish unquestioning fashion.  Take bits of any dogma that benefits you, reject the rest, and build a unique personal path that nobody but you will walk.  Dogma slavery means certain failure, whereas the liberated Satanist who builds their unique path will enjoy good chances of success.


8 thoughts on “Dogma slavery leads to failure

  1. Great post. I love military history and WWII has always been one of my favorite Achilles heel of studies. I wonder has anyone considered looking at the possibility that Hitler’s chthonic psychological motivations were because he suffered from a Torah subconscious. Possibly majority of his underlying tactics and motivations revolved subconsciously around the Torah unbeknownst to even him. He was demonstrating a personal esoteric journey with exoteric speech and action that subterfuges many Torah impacted minds. This may have been a manifestation of Hitler’s fragmented fused cerebral chiastic structure of divine lineage with historical reworks that sparked the following:
    1. Ethnocentricity and racism
    2. Arbitrary purity ordinances that glorified alternating self- serving purposes
    3. Perceptions of “justifiable” genocide that took on the mantle of “chosen”.
    I thought if viewing from this perspective it would be really ironic that he used Torah tactics against Jewish people and those that did not fit into his empathetic paradigm. What is more intriguing is to watch this play out in patterns throughout human history. Those that try to vehemently oppose his tactics and use them while those embracing them still somehow echo the impact of ignorance of the Torah subconscious. It is the joke that nobody finds funny because they do not get the punch line is the whole of subconscious socialized humanity. It seems not even Hitler understood his own impacted mental processes.

  2. Es sin duda alguna el concepto verdadero del satanismo moderno. La libertad individual de toda forma de opresion, máxime, si ésta es de carácter religioso.

  3. I would argue it is not religion that enslaves people but people that enslave themselves. For example when religion brings up concepts such as sharia, eschatology, dark Buddism, or seasons of winter a critical thinker will look upon these subjects metaphorically as things in their life that need to change or be destroyed that no longer serve the purpose of personal empowerment. An individual with mental disorders or unresolved anger will manifest religion, science, philosophy, or any other concept they cling to for a justification to enslave and destroy themselves as well as others. That is why I think it is important to really know the motivations of others as well as any hidden motivations of self.

    • I agree the responsibility to navigate the traps that enslave is with the individual, and often it is the individual who has chosen, or given their choice away to others, to become enslaved. I see religion as like a spider web, that is all around the individual, with the metaphorical spider waiting in the shadows to devour the unwary. Avoiding the traps is a skill, challenging to even the most experienced individual, for the traps can be complex and sophisticated.

  4. Organized religion, science, and variable knowledge is rather like decoupage pieces of information that is stuck to the surface of humans but has no real value except to the processing mind of the artist individual and the external actions that the individual inflicts on those around them.

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