By the Satanic blade become

Manifesting personal will to become your own god in your own life, requires a focus of challenging personal boundaries.  The weight trainer progresses by slowly over time subjecting their muscles to increasing weight, thus stressed muscles suffer damage, and in the process of repair, builds themselves stronger to handle the additional stresses.  To maintain the muscle strength the athlete must maintain the stress of the weights, for the body destroys what is underused.

The mass of humanity like security, thus it is easier to conform and do nothing, than take up the metaphorical blade to challenge boundaries, to destroy the safe known, to embrace the strife of unknown threatening states of becoming.  If the individual prefers safety, to never challenge themselves, stagnation and inertia is their reward.  The individual who prefers safe paid employment might enjoy a predictable income, but they are limited by how far they can progress, whereas the self-employed who face uncertain income enjoy the potential of unlimited wealth.

If safety, conformity and the known path is all you seek, Satanism is a path best avoided.  The individual Satanist walks the unknown path, challenging their personal boundaries at every moment.  Through the challenging stress of pushing personal boundaries ever forward, there comes about personal growth, a becoming of personal Satanic godhood.  The Satanist uses their metaphorical blade to fight their way through hidden and known limits that bind and restrict, leaving behind the known for the unknown, and only in this way can the individual Satanist progress.


3 thoughts on “By the Satanic blade become

  1. The path that is known more then likely ends up becoming a religion or cult based system. Doesn’t the true hunter take steps to make sure he is not followed? The more difficult path is hiding your footsteps so you can watch unseen.

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