The danger of Satanic forums

Longtime readers know that this blogger has a negative view about Satanic forums, although I read the forums, I refuse to be a member of them.  My main reason for being against Satanic forums is that they are traps that easily enslaves the Satanic individual into group-minded slavery.

Satanic forums have poor security

Another reason against membership of forums is that as Satanists we need to be more security-conscious than the average internet user because our Satanism, should those around us become aware of it, may adversely impact our family, employment, business or other aspects of our lives, thanks to the ignorance of most of humanity about Satanism.  Those that run Satanic forums give  security, privacy and professional integrity a low priority, using their internet forums as extensions of their bloated egos and need to control opinion.

Warning about new Theistic Satanic forum

Recently, a trollish attention seeker behind the so-called “Church of Leviathan” created a new forum for Theistic Satanists, claiming to offer an alternative to the established atheistic-orientated Satanic International Network. My personal experience of the Church of Leviathan run by a self-styled “pope” called Robert Fraize is a character involved in extensive campaigns of intimidation and slander against various Satanists, most recently against Lucien Greaves and the Satanic Temple.  I made a comment once upon the Church of Leviathan blog and the site owner amended the wording to say things I did not say, thus the individual Satanist in the light of what I have written might be correct in thinking this site is best avoided for personal security.

The problem of Satanic International Network

Satanic International Network is also a problematic forum, with the forum owner Zachary Schroeder aka Zack Black making unwise choices of administrators who abused their positions to hack, delete and steal personal information on the site.  Zack Black has also on occasion abused and published personal information provided to him on his site inviting others to harass those he had problems with.

Satanist loses job thanks to 600Club forum

The long-established Satanic forum 600Club in its history suffered problems with a rogue administrator who used personal information on the site to harass individuals, which allegedly caused one victim to lose their job.

Stay safe

In conclusion, it might be better to avoid membership of Satanic forums altogether, or at least act with intelligence of using an e-mail account and passwords that are not used elsewhere, including keeping shared personal information, including Facebook, to a minimum.    All Satanists are self-serving, thus only a naive fool would be so trusting with personal information on a Satanic forum.


27 thoughts on “The danger of Satanic forums

  1. Where did you get your facts from? I mean with the fickle compendium of invective inveigles it is really hard to keep track of fact from fiction on the satanic forums. What are your thoughts on the recent you tube video of “Zack Black” wanting to persue collateral damages against those who he claims damaged his site?

    • I read the material of other Satanists on their forums, videos, blogs and personal sites. The reason why I might add “allegedly” into my posts is that I am aware of claims, which may be fact or fiction. Where I have seen for myself activity such as this:

      I can be more certain of what I write.

      I am unaware of any video claiming Zack Black is going to take legal action (link?). Legal action costs money and requires evidence. Unless Zack Black has suddenly come into money or gained rich friends, he is unlikely to afford to mount legal action.

      • The title of the internet video on youtube is Satanism, Internet, and Accountability

        It would be interesting to see how a legal battle played out given the violatioins of ACM, BCS,DPMA, and IEEE canons of conduct on his site and others connected with him. I am not saying hacking is ok but it seems like Zack is saying Zack is not responsible for lack of moderating on his own site which is like a CEO saying I am not responsible for their own business.

  2. The Internet was made for Trolling and Porn. Look, seriously though if ‘Satanists’ are Online, posting in any capacity, the ruse of ‘Privacy’ is something each should hold themselves accountable for. You can’t blame a website, or even users of a website for putting yourself out there.

    As for the rest, I assure you, you don’t have all the facts. If you’re watching from afar you’re being hooked into a Narrative, if you’re not willing to get your hands dirty then you can’t very well report on the goings-on. Sure, you can have an opinion – everyone has one or ten of those. It’s a far cry from codifying facts in order for a person to make up their own damn mind concerning what’s what.

    • The internet is made for many things but we do have corporate business laws to protect the public from criminal behavior especially minors and mentally ill who would not have the life skills to protect themselves. The fact that you have reduced this down to pornography says more about your lack of perception, insight, and character. As for the “artistic” Narrative aspect I think it requires far more historical, formal, reader-response, mimetic, intertextual, and post-structural criticism of all characters involved. A response to what has been brought online is bound to have a response but is not a report. As for the video collateral damages does seem to imply there are legal ramifications for the hacking incident. If you Sin Jones have any further information please enlighten all readers to the LHP scene. I am sure there is more than one youth and researcher of LHP studies that would like to know what is the aim of the Satanic forums.

      • Apparent sarcasm, is apparent -Well, to those that actually pick up on the context.

        There are no legal ramifications because no actual hacking occurred. Essentially, what happened is that inter-personal conflict ensued. Appointed admins removed the forum of which they not only had access to but permissions granted by the site owner.

        The trolling and such that occurred right afterwards was a result of being told by the Owner that they were expendable. It was a proverbial ‘Fuck you’ as they walked out the door.

        Having too many chiefs is never a good idea when you run a web-site. Especially one that supports LEX TALIONIS on the front-page. Plus, there’s a back history to all this the public isn’t privy to. Personal conflict is personal.

        As for the Law, good luck with that. Most of the time it’s just a placebo. I covered this very thing on my pod-cast for a year, which was one of the underlying reasons for engaging Tom Blackwood. It was all in good fun, I think my point was made.

        The ‘AiM’ of the LHP Forum, depending on the venue is to exercise the beast, not Exorcise it. Though, some folks will end up casualties when Might makes Right.

    • The internet is designed as a medium of communication, where trolling and porn only plays a part.

      In my posts I stress that in being the individual Satanist, the individual must take responsibility for their own activity, including online safety. Whereas many internet social forums are run with high professional, privacy and security standards, the Satanic forums are lacking in this, thus the individual Satanist should taker greater precautions in using the Satanic forums than other forums.

      That is all anyone has on the internet, opinions, including you. Conclusions based upon observation is a quality empirical way to come to truth or facts.

      • It was Sarcasm. Get a sense of context. Hence “Seriously though…”

        Satanic forums are no more a danger than any other forum. When a person gets emotionally invested into the environment, they often lash out at users.

        It doesn’t matter if it’s for discussing Satanism, gaming or gardening. It happens EVERYWHERE on the web.

        Privacy is a Ruse. Developers invest time and energy into providing tools for users to penetrate any/all privacy ‘protections’ to reveal user provided information.

        At the base level, all anyone needs is your IP address, from there the rest is fairly easy to discover.

        The phase coined ‘dropping dox’ is just another tool of the user to real your identity to other users. It’s not the only method by which people attain information. Most people don’t read tiny print on websites they join, or things they sign up for. Which is how your email address is populated and you receive spam, and junk mail to your home. Under the guise of target-marketing, your information is bought and traded.

        Then there’s the NSA issue. Companies that claim to have a privacy agreement between consumers and corporations are obligated under Laws to provide this information to other agencies. All of which is still being argued on the floor in congress. The U.S. manages to penetrate the privacy of citizens of other countries too, in the name of ‘Protection’.

        Naturally, my opinions are included. I’m of the opinion that there’s no such thing as privacy.

      • Internet forums that treat personal information, privacy and security with contempt are a serious threat to personal liberty and safety. All Satanic forums are run in an unprofessional and unsafe manner that can expose a Satanist to danger. One of my readers is a teacher, also a Satanist, thus should their employer become aware of their Satanism, they can kiss their employment goodbye.

        There is such a thing as privacy, and it is sad to see a Satanist caught by the meme that authority has released claiming privacy is an illusion.

      • There are plenty of business professionals that attempt to maintain their privacy. The case of Diane Vera is worthy of your examination. She didn’t have her ‘identity’ revealed by a Satanic Network, she put herself at risk and now the cat is out of the bag.

        I don’t believe that her teaching position was compromised because of it but that is still a concern for her I’m sure.

        Had this information not been made available than none-other than herself, her ‘privacy’ wouldn’t have been compromised.

        It’s not a meme, it’s the facts.

      • The personal circumstances of Diane Vera allowed her to reveal her identity, such as living in New York, a locality more friendly to the Satanist than say Dallas. The status of one Satanist won’t necessarily be the premise for the many, who need to retain their anonymity in a hostile world.

  3. So this is a sociological experiment for the purpose of what exactly? The things I am most concerned about
    1. Children having access to material that is not age appropriate. Sex trafficing of children or being romeo pimped into adult situations. Children exposed to drugs that will cause damage.
    2. Mentally ill individuals given advice to go kill themselves as well as cyber bullying and mocking without reporting to authorities for health evaluations. For example on the 600 club there was a comment posted to a suicidal individual to go kill themselves.
    3. Business ethic and financial violations that cause detriment to the public.

    From an outside perspective and as an adult I see these as red flags. From an outside perspective I am concerned enough that I am considering calling in an investigation of these sites. My projective writing has been aimed at getting to the core of what the LHP cyber community is about. Whatever this is there really needs to be an open honest explanation. As an adult, site owner, or business owner there are legal responsibilities which fall solely on these site owners. IF this is erroneous thinking or false play on media I hope the future of LHP communities will move with more caution and ethics before exploiting individuals in the future.

    • Depends on the venue but sure, most of it could be considered social engineering.

      1. Re.: Children having access.
      Accountability lies with the parents. Having children does not make you a parent, as you may very well know people abuse and neglect their children. Then what? Depending on the society they live in, local government usually steps in to pick up the slack. Even then, there’s no guarantee these children will prosper once in the system. In fact, it may very well exacerbate things. Nature is harsh. Life isn’t fair.

      2. Re.: Mentally-ill
      What constitutes as mentally-ill these days? Seems any person that can’t cope is labeled mentally ill. Satanists are often apathetic towards those with an inept ability to deal with life. It’s not uncommon to have no empathy what-so-ever towards individuals that bleed all over internet forums. Nature of the dog.

      3. Re.: Business Ethic
      According to what code of conduct? Satanists tend to act on their own accord and don’t feel obligated to submit to societal notions.

      You can certainly have at it, investigating into these sites – as if it hasn’t been done. Good luck with that. This is an issue of you expecting others to follow your particular code of ethics and morality. Sorry toots, you’ll find yourself disappointed.

      • @Sin Jones regarding children on the internet it is the responsiblity of the site owner if there is inappropritate material that is posted to moderate age limits. Allowing videos with child pornography or drug distribution is not in keeping with internet laws. I find it interesting the deletion clean up that comes when there is an acknowledgement of those practices. You are absoltuely correct life is not fair but my hats off to the technological shamans that took the time to expose those forums that exploited those that could not otherwise make adult decisions and protect themselves. I personally enjoy watching the new leftist piss ants try to scream that the law is not fair but run emphatically back to it like a toddler crying to its mom when they do not get what they want. It is too bad that they could not extend that same courtesy to those who are vulnerable as they do to there self serving interests. I know it is positively Satanic not conforming to behavior modification methods set out by opportunistic perma-fried pieces of chimo crap to de-empower people for a quick buck. Just so unfair to have a different look on Satanism than the prescribed group mentality. As for the enforcement of the internet forums for safety the quick cleanup leaves little to investigate for authorities but that does not mean that other Satanists can not continue to have an opinion that deviates for futher research and scrutiny to those new to the LHP.

      • “Internet Law” isn’t as cut and dry as you think. Most websites seem to either be bound to the hosting terms of service, or a community standard. If you happen to manage your own server and it’s not restricted by a host guideline – it’s a free-for-all.

        This section of the Wiki may be useful here:

        Take for instance WordPress. If I wanted to host adult content, then I’d have to select that option, which in-turn warns the viewer that content is for mature viewers. That’s about it. It does not prevent a minor from viewing it. It only protects WordPress to a certain degree.

        When I do my podcast, I add a recorded disclaimer about the type of content I discuss. This is more or less for the listener to make an informed decision. If I record it on BTR/Cinchcast, then I have to stay within the site’s guidelines or else my show gets deleted. My archives are syndicated on various Internet Radio networks. So added to my own disclaimer is usually the station’s on top of that. Not that it’s against the Internet Laws but so that it keeps the station out of hot water by enforcing a community standard.

        Incidentally, I covered a documentary on the issue of child-pornography. The definitions are expansive on the Internet as it relates to the laws of each country. If you’re interested, you can find it on youtube entitled “Are All Men Pedophiles?” It’s my guess, that a lot of these forums are concerned with what crosses the line and if reported, how it may affect their personal lives. Still, there’s been plenty of it over the years and the ‘community’ tends to police that sort of thing. Mostly to protect themselves as a ‘guilty by association’ sort of thing.

        Recent events on S.I.N. caused quite a ruckus for that reason. It’s been speculated that it’s among the reasons the site moved off of to dreamhost. Too many complaints about violations of their terms of service. The site owner claims it was because the site was going to start charging him for the service but he was also a beta-tester (which entitled him to a free plan). So, I’m not entirely sure which story is fact. Timing is suspect.

  4. I find this post amusing.
    I never committed any slander on Doug From the satanic temple anything I said was Factual or in my opinion. slander is when you knowingly lie about someone. I gave Doug all my personal information he lives in my state he can either visit me or press charges on me he has done neither.

    Doug did Go after the elderly father Of Tom Raspotnik, making legal threats that he would take anything of value from him if tom did not stop speaking about him.
    this is not the first time Doug has gone after people making legal Threats he does this very well he trolls people and waits for a reaction then tries to file charges. he uses what he learned in school as his tools to trap people and sue them and get a rise out of people.
    Now I give him thumbs up for his trolling strategies But i despise the man he is not a satanist and he has no business speaking for satanists and In My Opinion he may even be dangerous to people. i said he was a sex offender because by definition Doug is one he had exposed himself in public making an asshole of himself at the grave of Freds mother.

    Now moving on to Zach, this guy is out of control and In my opinion a Pedophile.
    Not only does zach attack every theistic satanist But he goes out of his way to make videos asking his followers to Kill people Myself included. does he not expect people to fight back?
    His website was not hacked and he knows this the admins decided to take the page down because Zach was involving real young teens in video chats in sexual ways. he often would have teenage girls touch them selves and get naked on cam he never banned them or told them not to do it. this is highly illegal and i find it rather fucked up that a person who supposedly represents satanism im such a big way acts like this it gives us all a bad name.

    so yes I made a website to mirror his
    But the site really was not made to bash Zach, I do not believe in picking on the mentally ill and in my opinion the guy may be mentally retarded.
    The site may or may not be as big as his site that is not what is important what is important is that Theistic satanists have a place to talk with out being called retards and threatened with physical violence.

    If Zach wishes to sue people and seek legal action he needs more then 5000 to even get a lawyer to take any sort of interest. the only money he has I believe he spends on drugs and drinking. I do have a suggestion for his minions the people who support him why dont you people get him some fucking help for his obvious issues?

    • Regardless of the supposed shortcomings of those that you go out of your way to tarnish, Zach and Lucien have achieved real life results through their activity that do benefit Satanism. In contrast, you run a blog that is little more than a soap box of a boring whiny little girl. Since you have chosen to become admin of a Satanic forum, it is apparent by your comments such as the one you have made that any Satanist joining your forum is risking their personal safety.

      Of course the forum run by Zach is hostile to Theists, it is an atheistic orientated site after all, and a Theist will get a rough time there.

      Despite your accusations of sex crimes nobody has been charged or found guilty in a court of law, so this is just your personal opinion. Sex crimes is an emotive issue, and when people like you wave such slander around against other Satanists, you damage all Satanists in the eyes of ignorant humanity.

      Zach may lack the financial means to launch legal actions, but someone like Lucien is wealthy and well connected, so choose your opponents wisely!

      As to who is a Satanist, the individual who can show real life achievement through their actions is of a higher quality of Satanism than an internet troll.

      • Doug has all my personal info.
        He has no ground to stand on when it comes to me I did not slander him. did he not rub his balls on someones grave stone right infront of houses?

        Maybe if these “satanists” did not commit sexual crimes no one would talk about it? Your opinion on me is bias and untrue. again doug is not a satanist any success he has does not make him a satanist. so please continue with your lies and propaganda

  5. One other issue I would love to see the public take process in on when on the LHP is passing on the metaphorical peace pipe of widom gained from walking things out in real life. To really help those impressionable to get past the graft corporate marketing on social sites which is just that marketing and nothing more.

    • The blog post is relevant to all internet interactivity. Satanism attracts an abundance of individuals and schemes designed to enslave the individual for which a high level of vigilance and personal safety is necessary.

  6. The only thing I wish to really add to this is about ‘ Pope ‘Fraize. Oh wait, he now goes by Dr. Pope. My bad. Church of Leviathan or is it now Traditional Church of Satan. Seems Pope Doctor or whatever been busy lately. He was on the Am show coast to coast. Was in his local paper and published a book on LULU. For such an impressive resume I think we need to call him Doctor Pope Reverend Magister warlock high priest Robert Fraize.

    Yes before his fall out with Dr. Tom Raspotnik Fraize was behind some serious slandering and trolling of myself and SIN. Lucien came along and diverted their attention. Wait, did Dr Tom and Dr Fraize go to the same college?

    • If the individual is faced with limited choices against a large amount of competition, then they have little opportunity to avoid positions that might discriminate against Satanists. In an ideal world the Satanist has lots of opportunities and will find the ideal job that reflects and respects their Satanism, but for most Satanists this won’t happen.

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