Be your own God

Occasionally I get a message from a lazy retard asking me to mentor them in becoming a Satanist.  I am too busy manifesting my personal will to becoming my own god in my own life to pander to lazy idiots.  Just this once I shall put my “guru” hat on to give Satanic noobs a few pointers on becoming a Satanist.

The essence of Satanism

In my opinion the core idea of Satanism is manifesting your personal will to becoming the god in your own life.  You are the central authority in your own life, not your mother, Justin Bieber or Satan.  Regardless if you believe Satan is a real entity, symbol or aspect of nature, Satan must exist as a tool or adviser assisting you, but not enslaving you in a master-slave relationship in your own life.  Metaphorically you are the driver of your own car, everything else is just the GPS navigation system assisting you in getting to your destination.  Your personal will is your individuality, through every action you drive your individuality forward in all aspects of your life.

The untravelled path

The path you walk in Satanism is unique to you, nobody else has walked, or will walk the path you travel to becoming your own god in your own life.  If all you do is walk someone elses path, such as unquestioningly reading and adopting the beliefs of Anton Lavey, all you become is another mindless Laveyan clone.

The difference between the famous chef in food and drink compared to the average cook is that the leading chefs have studied widely, then built their own unique cooking style.  The Satanist studies many sources, then constructs their own unique belief system, attitudes and strategies to becoming their own god in their own life.  The unique Satanist might for example mix Native American with Kabbalah and Laveyian ideas to construct a belief system to becoming their own god, rather than mindless slavery to someone else’s belief system.  If your path has already been walked by someone else, it is not Satanism, it is mindless slavery to to the beliefs of other people.

The crooked path

Satanism is like a crooked path that meanders off down bends, blind alleys, up, down, and in circles.  There are no straight paths from point A to B.  Satanism is a maze that you walk through trial and error, learning through action, mistake and testing.  Anyone who offers you a magic pill that gets you from point A to B quickly and easily are spiders to trap and eat you, who benefit themselves from the gullible at your expense.

Is Satanism for you?

If the above points made no sense to you, Satanism is not for you – join the Mormons.


13 thoughts on “Be your own God

  1. This is all really helpful. Makes more sense than most things I’ve read to date. I couldn’t agree more with choosing your own path by means of finding the ideas and philosophies you agree with, and molding them into a solid motivator and lifestyle that is truly satanic to your person. Great stuff guys, thank you.

  2. I admit the very thing that led me into the LHP was the disgust at the obvious capitalistic exploitation and cruelty placed on those with less education and life experience. The bashing of the mentally ill and crushing those that could not otherwise take care of themselves really pissed me off as it does in the RHP circles. I enjoyed every minute scraping through their hidden motivations. The LHP does seem to pour into so many foundational interactions in life. It really is addicting to look through the limiting screens of inanimate technology wielded by animate flawed human nature. A painful and liberating reminder that a stark letter attached to wavering human ticks that will not change with techniques of good cop/ bad cop behavior modification. The obvious hushed alliance through capitalization on such human flaws I suppose leaves Satanists to be the best legal paper tigers they can be for no other reason but to say if these typed letters annoy you, if my subversive view- points rattle your caged boxes, if I cause you to lose something no matter how much money you make off me than good. Make sure to have the worst day on earth you have ever had so that we can be on an approachable level called abyss and continue to learn something more than what we started out with. For that I say thank you to the LHP cyber community and humanity as a whole.

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