The self-sufficient Satanist

The hostile face of nature via flood, snow, wild-fire and drought causes the mundane masses to cry to their incompetent leaders to save them.  The extremes of weather reveal the pathetic useless creature humanity has become, deprived of their Facebook and their lack of basic essentials of electricity, water, food and home.  The ruler has reduced the masses to that of a dependent child, incapable of looking after their own needs in a crisis.

The individual Satanist is responsible for their own life, thus self-sufficiency comes with personal responsibility.   The Satanist is intelligent enough to locate themselves away from zones that historically attract flood and fire.  The Satanist has the insight to store enough supplies and tools to survive a period of hostile weather.  The individual Satanist strives within their personal circumstances to mitigate the impact of all environmental disasters, becoming as self-sufficient as possible.


One thought on “The self-sufficient Satanist

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