Becoming your own god

Satanism is a choice that an individual makes every moment of their lives, thus to say that Satanism is a state of becoming, one that is happening in an eternal cyclical moment.  If the Satanist one moment performed a ritual declaring their personal Satanism, then made the choice to unquestioningly follow a group or pre-packaged dogma, then they stopped becoming a Satanist.

Satanism is unfortunately full of self-proclaimed leaders who claim ownership of the Left Hand Path or attempt to impose on others their personal interpretation of what Satanism is to them.  Such people are like spiders spinning webs to catch unthinking flies, that they will devour to their own benefit, but to the loss of the deluded slave that was caught in the trap.

One Satanist recently declared they was the leader of Theistic Satanism based on a claim of 10,000 followers of their blog.  Another Satanist declared they was an authority based on a large number of views and followers of their YouTube channel.  Such claims are forms of marketing designed to blind and seduce the individual for the gain of another at the expense of self.

I recently exchanged comment with a self-proclaimed guru who desired to impose their own personal Satanic standards upon everyone else, one who considered harming others should be a Satanic ideal.  Satanists made an effort to break away from restrictive dogma such as Christianity, only to find in the liberated boundaries of Satanism other people desiring to create and impose rules or standards of their own relative truths upon the individual.  When the individual gives up their own standards, beliefs and dreams in exchange for that of an external authority, they give control of their minds to others.  The hidden agenda of anyone seeking to impose standards on others is a form of control, since if all individuals reject their own standards in favour of externally created standards it becomes another form of dogma such as exists with the Roman Catholic Church.

I like the Satanic idea of “self becoming their own god through the manifestation of personal will” which is undermined if the individual places an external authority above themselves in their own mind or life. The path that the Satanist walks is a crooked path, covered on all sides with traps that will seduce and capture, a journey that the individual walks every moment of their life, a series of choices in a becoming of godhood through the manifestation of personal will.  The blind unwary individual can in one moment fall into the abyss of slavery, thus Satanism is a path for the attentive questioning fighter, a path few manage to attain.


16 thoughts on “Becoming your own god

  1. The imposition of other people’s viewpoints is reality at least in the United States where pluralism and freedom are a ventured ideal. A Satanist falling back in fear of reality is nonsense. Critical thinking through debate is entertainment for the brain not detrimental and is something I would not fear even if someone’s thoughts deviated from my own. Whatever frequent random acts from others provide matters not. Individual responses through thought and action provide guideposts for avoiding future pitfalls and better decision making for future conquering critical thinking Satanists. I would like to take that Tesla approach and look back at the Opium Wars. China at that time was mostly a non-violent nation of Confusionists. The continual bombardment of other countries is one reason that led the Chinese into the fearful military state that it is today. It is what opened the doors for dictators to take charge when their own people could or would not. I think your idealism though beautiful is going to get you slaughtered in one form or another as it did China. The reason my country does not have genital mutilation, honor killings, and other atrocities is because we fight daily among ourselves, leaders, and even kill for that freedom. Continually we open our doors to those from other nations that cannot fight for themselves in their own countries. Continually we are challenged to create function in chaotic human nature and varied worldview points. I agree nonviolence would be the first tactic but to those who know the stark reality of human nature recognizes its obligations to sustain violence as a FINAL backup option to continue to secure their own individual wants, needs, and freedoms. As for the marketing aspect of these opportunistic forums with tag words of Satanism I think the cat is already out of the bag. Differing tag words, thespian plays, and emotional manipulation for profit is probably more the users making lab rats of those forum runners and their tactics. Think manifold anthropic Calabi -Yau space. Just maneuvering around and shape shifting for one’s own purpose. If nothing else the users of these forums will find out how hot the stove is and be wiser for their future endeavors.

    • The ruler manipulating the people has been the state of reality since the dawn of civilisation. As a Satanist whilst I manifest my personal will to be god in my own life and mind, I recognise that I shall make enemies with this outlook, thus I suggest the Satanist intelligently survives in this challenging situation by adopting masks, the appearance of conformity whilst enjoying independent mind and life.

  2. I´m satanist for a several years ago. In my long life like satanist I have met that the real satanism is based over the three basic concepts: INDIVIDUALISM- FREEDOM and SELFEMPORWEMENT. Without disown the importance of grupal meetings that permit the encouragement of our feelings through the ritual practices, the search of satanic knowledge and the total liberation of christian believes and dogmas are the vertebral column of SATANISM. Certainly that around the satanism there are much falsehood and mercantilism.

  3. How do you think manisfestation of self in Satanists differs from Buddism, Hinduism, Kabbalism, or other semetic organized religions?

    • @ Sara
      Satanism exists on a spectrum between that which expresses individualism in the spirit of self (LHP) and those that encourage the assimilation of self into a greater group mind (RHP.) I lack the knowledge to be able to comment on the outlooks of individual religions, but every outlook is on this LHP-RHP spectrum. I know that a particular religion can also have a LHP and a RHP version of itself.

      • @ Satanic Views: I’m not sure if I agree with mental assimilations into a group but there does seem to be a spectrum of knowledge that initially is hidden but imposes intrusively into the in between grey areas that neither extreme LHP or RHP want to address. The uncomfortable hidden knowledge obtained seems fearfully diabolic because there are no answers or mental boxes. But thank you for bouncing some differing perspectives of Satanism off.

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