Satanic war sinks three Satanist forums

Bloated Satanist egos erupted into a full-scale war between three Satanic forums in recent months that has now seen all three forums sunk.  Disaffected Satanists quit or were evicted from the leading Satanist forum, Satanic International Network, after disagreeing with a new direction that its owner was taking it.  The exiles then created their own forum “COD” and then waged a war of trolling, denial of service attacks and hacking against SIN and an allied forum run by Sect of the Horned God.

The Sect of the Horned God forum was the first forum to call it quits at the turn of the new year, consolidating all its internet outlets into one location, closing down its largely inactive and vulnerable forum.  SIN then quit its host after suffering constant problems from trolling and hacking from its opponents against an increasingly moribund site, and is now offline.  A successful denial of service attack and other technical problems has now sunk the COD forum.


6 thoughts on “Satanic war sinks three Satanist forums

  1. So basically, score one for technological shamans and a special thanks to the evolutionary spirits that be for shaking their foundations to rubble and putting them on a learning curve again. From what I’ve researched from these sites that may not be a bad thing for those truly studying and walking the LHP. I think if Satanists are all doing this LHP thing right a double edge sword can only make everyone wiser and stronger.

  2. Blogging or Journalism? Either way, if you’re going to report on incidents you merely observe, rule of thumb in journalism is to offer the readership (2) sources for each claim. It’s obvious that you’re a biased writer and have no real grasp of the facts. Are you capable of being objective or should your tag-line just read: Satanic Views: My pom-poms for Satanic International Network.

    I suppose it serves a purpose to the see which readers get duped. Carry on.

  3. Have you guys read the Onion and Philosophy by Sharon M Kaye? This is what reminded me of the ONA and other LHP research I did earlier this year. It is a great read especially for LHP studies online.

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