Modern Satanism redefines itself

If Satanism was dealing with one simple archetype, for example the Satan of the Jewish Book of Job, the opposer, or adversary, life would be simple.  However, life is complicated, because both Satanist and Christian dumps the Book of Job Satan with other archetypes: Lucifer; Loki; the Serpent in Eden; Enki; Set; Prometheus; European horned archetypes such as Cernunnos and many others.  It is like mixing many coloured paints, which produces totally different colours.  The anarchic process of mixing Satan up with other archetypes has surged with the advent of the internet, even those redefining Satan as a fictional entity called Cthulhu.  

Much to the dismay of some traditional-minded Satanists a number of new manifestations of Satan and Satanism are emerging including the best known version called The Satanic Temple.  When the Satanic Temple revealed its image of Satan for a proposed public statue as a Baphomet surrounded by children, the Church of Satan described the statue as paedophilic, whilst less biased observers considered the statue beautiful, inspired and creative.  


The proposed statue of Satan for the State Capitol in Oklahoma. Copyright of The Satanic Temple.

Why are the children depicted in the statue joyful in the presence of Satan? My personal interpretation is a liberated child is a happy child.  With ruler and religion giving attention to enslaving the minds of children to restrictive and oppressive ideas, it is often the case a miserable repressed child emerges.  Satan since the story of Adam and Eve has been depicted as a liberator of humanity, offering fruit of knowledge, and willing humanity to break free of the chains of slavery.

The Satanic Temple offers an insight that the liberty to express religion under a founding principle of separation of State from religion is threatened by the building of Christian monuments on State property, it reminds the world that Satan is a liberator against tyranny.  Shall the child have the freedom over their own sexuality, minds and beliefs, or must these gifts be taken from them by authoritarian rulers forcing their narrow-minded truths upon everyone else?

Most Satanists know of two Left Hand Path ideas: “do what thou wilt” and “be your own god.” Combined these ideas might become “manifest your will to become your own god,” which the Satanic Temple statue of Satan surrounded by happy children symbolises to me, and appears to be manifesting a new direction that Satanism may move towards.


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