Lucien Greaves and Satanic politics

The individual Satanist is unique in their political outlook, no Satanist is of the same viewpoint on politics, it is thus hopeless to get all Satanists to agree one common political accord.  Each individual Satanist manifests their political viewpoint in a different way, some Satanists become activists pursuing their political goals into the media and political spotlight.  Lucien Greaves and the Satanic Temple are political Satanic activists who successfully push their ideas into media publicity stunts that challenge the common held viewpoints of society and its authority figures.

Some Satanists accuse the Satanic Temple of being unSatanic in their publicity campaigns that challenge societies worldviews.  I counter that the Satanic Temple express the Satanic ideal.

Individual manifestation of will

Every Satanist is a unique individual with their own goals, needs and relative truth.  Each individual Satanist manifests their personal will in ways that reflect their own unique personality and abilities.  Lucien Greaves is a creative individual who desires to manifest his personal Satanic will through political activism.  Other Satanists may manifest their personal will in music, or building a successful business.  It is irrelevant how a personal will is manifested, but that the individual Satanist fully does so without regard to what others may think.

The spirit of adversarialism

Satan means opposer or adversary, the Satanist in expressing their personal will crashes like waves of the sea against the limits of conformity and oppression.  Lucien Greaves is an artist, who uses his skills and personal will to create works of marketing genius that capture the media and public attention, forcing a mirror to the mind of society to review its own ignorant slavish ideas.  The USA walks a road to State-sponsored religion by the backdoor with religious statues upon State property, what genius to orchestrate a Satanic statue to reflect back at society the dangerous road it has begun to walk.  Satan in history portrayed as the trickster, one that makes the individual and society face their delusion and ignorance through cunning and clever trick, opening potential for enlightening shifts in viewpoint in the mind of society and individual.

The Individual is authority, and acts on personal agenda

The Church of Satan condemns the Satanic Temple for being unSatanic, but nobody but the individual is the authority on the truth of what is Satanic.  The Church of Satan is moribund, living off the bones of past glories, a fangless dog, irrelevant to the new generations of Satanist, incapable of dealing with the challenges of the modern world.  Only the individual, liberated from the binds of dogma, external authority and tribal thinking is capable enough to move with the changes of the world.  Only the individual is a personal authority over their own Satanism, and though they may claim publicly their deeds are for the common good, knows personally they act for their own personal agenda.


2 thoughts on “Lucien Greaves and Satanic politics

  1. Great post! Lucien Greaves gives everyone something to think about. I commend his boldness. I just hope he does not end up like so many other political activists that end in bitterness, smear campaigns, and open hostility from others. Spot lights can take a toll over time.

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