The Satanic delusion of harming others

Many new visitors to Satanism suffer a temporary delusion that being Satanic they must do harm to other people or property.  Some Satanists never grow out of this ignorant idea, often planted into their heads by Christianity and the media, that being Satanic is about killing people and destroying property.

At the heart of the Satanic ideal, regardless of theistic or atheistic viewpoint, is the idea of individualism, and manifesting the innate will of self for personal advancement.  The Satanist casts aside slavery, and advances to riches, power and other individualistic progressions.  There is nothing in the metaphorical Satanic small print of enslaving self to delusional notions of culling people or burning churches down, the churlish delusions of the immature, slave and lowly intelligent.

The confident Satanist is like an experienced martial artist, strong in their ability to defend their personal interests, but avoiding the need of the weak to validate themselves by harming others or property to hide inherent powerlessness.  Instead, the powerful Satanist strives to improve themselves, and manifests the concept of lex talionis, eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth, only when another individual does harm to the Satanist.  The business rival who stole a client of mine this week will know my lex talionis when I start targeting his clients to take them from him.


11 thoughts on “The Satanic delusion of harming others

  1. I only stand for virtues that serve me. It serves me well to know that ALL human beings have the capacity to use critical thinking, personal experience, and universal precautions when engaging with all co-cultures, titled individuals, and even Satanists to remain as safe as possible. Those tactics will vary upon each individual. This will empower many to not be thrust into victims of blind faith for slaughter. Murder, rape, and other atrocities can be found in ALL co-cultures and in ALL stratifications of society. While using critical thinking the individual can juxtapose the numbers of satanic killings verses other organized religions and draw their own conclusion hopefully without further confirmation bias. Furthermore, it is delusional to think that culling is not a part of society. Socially acceptable culling comes in the form of military, power, medicine, money, and education. I am a Theistic Satantist that supports military protection of my country. I’ll even be listening to Spose, “Knocking on Wood” while defending myself and family from invasion and will not think another moment on defending my child from those posing physical harm. This is not the first time I have watched the warm cozy blanket of “us versus them” name calling such as this “slave and lowly intelligent” be used as a baiting tactic for personal monetary gain, power, and political motivations of entrepreneurs of prey. I empathize with false accusations on behalf of the Satanic community from personal experience but if the Satanic community wanted to be taken at face value they should not have spent so much time online mocking people with less education and pushing out apotropaic regalia with redacted books for profit while taking their spoon fed education out on people to cyber bully the mentally ill and those with less life experience to the tune of 0.03 cents a page with product placement. Kinda like the power trips and tithes in church except those in the pew are choosing to screw themselves. For some the online communities are the only left hand path references they have as a learning point. As an independent Satanist I would encourage anyone to keep their talons sharpened while trying to maneuver through the layers of any information to get to the core intentions of those “said” Satanists and any other persons to keep evolving into a satisfying life of mutual needs being met and personal safety. I get the games that are played I just hope others don’t remain as lab rats to it.

  2. Growing out of any backward thinking is the Satanic thing to do, as well as a positive personal choice. In terms of people who offend others, I think stupidity is nothing personal. Sometimes one simply learns what drives people in order to steer them in your favour.

      • Yep, as long as people don’t feel stupid around you though. There is a fine line between self- interest and trolling. A basic understanding of social psychology also helps- after all, Satanists are not the only ones with self-interest.

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