Envy is for losers

The widespread media attention about the proposal for a Satanic statue at the Oklahoma State Capitol by The Satanic Temple revealed the sad state of internet Satanism, with many internet Satanists showing envy, which in my opinion is a trait of a loser.

There are three ways that a Satanist can make a positive Satanic impact: being an individual; create resources that are useful to new Satanists; creatively challenge the worldviews of society.  The Satanic Temple under the leadership of Lucien Greaves has made it an art form challenging the ideas of society with their activity.

Internet Satanists spend too much of their lives trolling internet forums, rather than expressing action in real world life.  Rather than being envious losers it would benefit internet Satanists achieving results in real life activity than constantly seeking personal validation from other internet losers in forums.


11 thoughts on “Envy is for losers

  1. Interesting perspective. To reduce dissenting opinions to envy speaks of the viewer’s inner-workings. How different is blogging on WordPress than posting these same thoughts on a forum?

    Real life activity for the benefit of self, doesn’t always benefit others. We each have personal motivations. Personally, I couldn’t care less if there was a parade of monuments at a court house. It’s still validating what the court house represents, a bow to an authority.

    • @ SIN, I am aware that you have achieved Satanic progress in real life action such as your business, but you are the minority. Most Satanists who infest forums limit their Satanic expression to pointless opinions with the need for personal validation.

      The Satanic Temple has achieved a real life action, not by possibly creating a statue that may or may not come into being, but rather by challenging the worldviews of human society, especially the attempts of religion to push its agenda upon a society that is built on a foundation of separation of State from religion. The worldwide publicity the marketing operation that The Satanic Temple has created has given a healthy and positive viewpoint of Satanism to the human masses that can only be positive for all Satanists.

      The blog is a vehicle of personal expression, mainly for my own purposes, I have no need for validation of my personal views. The blog is like a personal journal that I just happen to share with the world. The forums are merely talking shops mostly inhabited by those who are too lazy or stupid to manifest their Satanism beyond the internet.

      • Here’s the thing. You’re perspective is quite limited, it’s quite obvious by your response. What you call my ‘successful business’ for example, in reality is a hobby. Sure, I’ve been paid for goods and services but I do this because I enjoy it and for no other reason, if it’s viewed as a ‘success’ maybe you’re missing the devil in the details.

        I don’t share the motivations of others, to include The Satanic Temple, which looks a lot like Houseniggery to me. It would be like palming my hand with shit and calling it a cupcake. I know better. I also don’t expect other ‘Satanists’ to share my life’s pursuits. That would be absurd.

        If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, maybe this will put it into perspective:

        Walter White: “I did it because I wanted Power. I did it because I liked it and I was good at it.”

        At least that would be more intellectually honest it about it. At 40 years old, I have operated in this ‘society’ just fine, even with ‘Religious’ viewpoints all around me. Both ‘church’ and ‘state’ are merely abstractions to distract from what the individual wants and strives towards. Maybe Greaves finds himself using this issue for other underlying motivations, because he can with an expected level of success. If you think it’s to whitewash Satanism, you’re being fooled by Devils.

        Once the Devil is reduced to the Maid, there’s really no point now is there?

        Having discussions isn’t always seeking to be validated as you assert. The world is full of people that are intellectually lazy and suffer from their human condition that are convinced that it’s everyone else.

        If Satanism is reduced to socio-political activism, for some “Greater good”, it’s just evidence of the pussification of ‘Satanists’, that haven’t a clue what it means to be Satanic, from where I’m sitting.

        No worries. No need to validate. Enjoy your expressions.

        Maybe his motivations are to challenge the societal image of Satan

      • @SIN
        It does not matter what your emotional viewpoint is or if your business is a hobby, the issue is that you are achieving real life results through action.

        Likewise it does not matter what the motivations of the Satanic Temple or Lucian Greaves is, what matters is action and results, which is manifested by Greaves and his Temple in quantity and quality. I am unable to see what the many Satanists I read about on their forums have manifested beyond empty verbosity.

  2. I personally would caution against dictating performativity in Satanists. That is a root problem with all organized religions.

      • It was on wordpress: http://thesociologicalimagination.com. I enjoy putting the T back in theistic satanism and satanism. Tesla that is- you know where an individual can look at infinite patterns in history and then make autonomous decsions every infinite present moment. I think sociology and history is really underrated these days with so many half assed truths.

      • I like your viewpoint. There is an idea I like about evolution where the new pattern emerges from a combination of old patterns. The individual is to be encouraged to develop new patterns of ideas, though regrettably most of humanity, and many Satanists, merely recycle old patterns without adding anything new and personally relevant to them. I will take a look at your link with thanks.

  3. Well crap there goes the neighborhood. I can’t even drink something with caffeine to get through this:) Famous last words “It is hard to live with men, because keeping silent is so hard. And we are most unfair , not towards him whom we do not like, but towards him whom we feel nothing at all.” Neitzche

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