Satanic individualism and truth

The individual enjoys choice of a life outlook of individualism or conformity to the group.  The choice the individual makes places them on a point between two outlooks, one of individualism where the self is god in their own life, which is the Left Hand Path, or one where self has been sacrificed and absorbed into a group mind, which is the Right Hand Path.  Both points have their extremes, but there is a boundary that identifies the individual as LHP or RHP.

Satanism is firmly in the LHP where the individuality is aspired to rather than conformity to the group mind.  Unfortunately there is delusion and ignorance amongst some who tag the title “Satanist” to themselves.  These sheep, for this is what they are, rather than choosing individuality drown themselves into membership of groups, unquestionably following self-proclaimed authority figures and follow blindly pre-packaged dogma.  The first hurdle the authentic Satanist must overcome is slavery to external influences, cutting through delusion and ignorance enslaving the self to guru, group and dogma.

Truth is relative, each individual must find their own truth amongst the rubbish heap of opinion and trickery.  Nobody in the LHP has overall authority over truth.  Everything seen, read and heard should be tested and questioned, the self finding their own meaningful patterns from the vast complexity of ideas that infest the human consciousness.  Beware the many traps that infest human society, including Satanism, that seek to entrap the individual so that another benefits at the expense of the self.

It does not matter what truth the individual holds, in reality there are no new ideas, just recycled old ideas packaged as new.  If something someone said makes sense to the individual, then embrace the idea as longs as the self has tested and questioned it.  Read widely, expose the mind to many different ideas, and spin a new personal philosophy from diverse ideas.  By questioning, testing and constantly exposing self to new ideas the self evolves.  In Satanism self has no need to validate themselves to anyone, and those that attack the self, asking self to embrace another’s truth without question do so to benefit themselves at the expense of self.  It does not matter what the self believes, it is a starting point along a long road of personal transformation, but the self must always be the god in their own life, body and mind, remembering the individual is central to Satanism, and all ideas must be tested or questioned before embracing them as a truth that the self can live by.

The moment the individual stops being an individual, and stops questioning ideas, is the moment someone else has become the master of self for their benefit at the expense of self.


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