Satanic Public Relations

One of the irritating experiences of being a Satanist is my constant exposure to ignorant Christian and media propaganda that portray Satanists as mentally unstable child abusing human sacrificing nazi devil worshipers.  When those rare moments arise when Satanists organise publicity stunts that show Satanism in a different light, I raise my hat to those Satanists, and would buy them a beer if ever I meet them.

Satanic activists at the Satanic Temple led by Lucien Greaves have creatively excelled in the art form of public relations that puts Satanism in a fun positive light, different from the usual negativity that the media portray of Satanism.  I would like to see a new generation of Satanists emerge that portray the individual Satanist as intelligent, witty, fun-loving and rebellious.  How great it would be Satanists turning their creative energies from infighting to becoming like Lucien Greaves, indulging in clever public relations.

Satanic Temple recently made it to Time magazine in relation to their latest PR stunt, a call for a Satanic monument to sit alongside the Ten Commandments on the lawn of the Oklahoma State Capitol.

There are plenty of Satanic-like archetypes for Satanists to copy that express the trickster-type of rebel against tyrannical authority: Loki, Merlin, Coyote, Hermes, Prometheus, and of course Satan to name a few.  Nobody, media, Christians or Satanists know what to make of the Satanic Temple and Lucien Greaves, but that is the beauty of the trickster archetype, and I hope there will be more Satanists doing this sort of thing to paint a different picture of Satanism than the usual ignorant Christian propaganda.


4 thoughts on “Satanic Public Relations

  1. You might be interested in a couple of books that CSPAN recently reviewed:
    Peter Gottschalk- American Heretic
    Paul Chappell- The Art of Waging Peace
    I don’t know if the interviews with the authors hit youtube yet but they seem to have some similiar counter culture worldview points you’ve discussed in this blog.

    • Hi AM Pietroschek. Every Satanist and Satanic group evolves and manifests through their deeds and results. The Satanic Temple tenets are simple commonsense guidelines, but I think it will be what they manifest which is what shapes them and how they will be measured by.

      As you indicated in your blog post, there are many challenges in human society, which could bring an end to the human species. Justice based upon wealth is one of the great challenges which I hope Satanists can in part address.

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