Satanism and Christmas

In just over a week near half the world goes crazy over a festival called Christmas.  For the individual Satanist Christmas offers an interesting challenge in conformity.  Does the individual Satanist cave in to social pressure to celebrate a Christian festival that marks the alleged birth of Jesus? Even if the Satanist attempts to validate their celebration of Christmas as a pagan Roman festival, they are still following religion, invented gods and superstition.

In addition is the all-encompassing consumer and social pressures to spend lots of money on cards, gifts, decorations and the other paraphernalia of Christmas.  There is the pressure to share time with people the individual hates, to be nice to all of humanity and to be happy even if the individual is not.

The individual Satanist faces a test of their Satanic nature with Christmas, do they follow the masses in mindless celebration of superstitious religion and Jesus, prostrate themselves to the consumer bandwagon and social conformity to fit in to family, community and societies demands to be a part of the mindless hypocrisy of Christmas?

At this time the only day I mark is the Winter Solstice, why? No superstitious nonsense, but the knowing relief that the dark and cold of winter is in retreat.  In the North of the world the Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, after which the days get longer.  My personal delight at the natural mark of the peak of the winter is perhaps a few “Solstice” cards and gifts sent out to those that deserve it.

As I am self-employed I have made Christmas an ordinary day of work.  I have no decorations up.  I refuse to mark Christmas in any way.  The Solstice cards and gifts advance my personal business, and they cost me less than $100.  It is of no surprise that most of the mindless masses of humanity who live in societies that celebrate Christmas will drown in debt in order to conform to the requirements of this Christian-Pagan-Consumer festival.


7 thoughts on “Satanism and Christmas

  1. I think Christmas is the best time to be a Satanist. There is an opportunity to present whatever angle you want while defining your own world view point without proselytizing. The “all-encompassing consumerism” is a world- wide and year round celebration not exclusive to Christmas. It might be considered the antithesis of Satanism to whine about ethnocentric socialized holidays. If you are the only Satanist in say a family of non-Satanists take an opportunity to be exactly what you are and maybe even have some fun with it. When all else fails tie one on and stare at the spinning bright lights on the tree. How can all those ravers be wrong? If done correctly you may be declined to come to the following year celebration which may not necessarily be a bad thing. Merry Satanmas.

    • As an individual Satanist my position is that my Satanism is none of anyone’s business, thus I don’t tell the ignorant Christmas festival celebrants my Satanic outlook. However, though I don’t celebrate Christmas I will indulge in excess for the reason of selfish pleasure than celebrating any event Christian, Pagan or otherwise. I won’t spend much this Christmas, never do, and I always enjoy watching the idiots drowning in their post-Christmas financial crisis.

      Happy holidays to you!

  2. That’s not very empowering dwelling too long on another’s misfortune and ignorance. Sometimes fun …depending on the individual …but not empowering. Seriously grab some chocolate, coffee or alcohol. It is only one day a year. Happy holidays to you too, bah humbug!

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