Satanic marketing

Its Christmas and I am bombarded by Jesus-loving sales people marketing their brand of Jesus on the street, inviting me to their churches, embracing their version of Jesus and religion.  Should I feel annoyed by these people? only as much as a mosquito buzzing around my ear.  I am secure in my Satanism, built on a rock, and thus the white noise of religious sales people blend in with all the other junk selling toilet rolls and the latest Justin Bieber musical album.

I live in a consumer society where everything is for sale.  A huge marketing industry employs legions of experts to turn out the latest advertising designed through noise, glitter and a novel sales pitch to rise above the competition and capture the minds of the consumer masses.  None of these agents of marketing work for the benefit of the individual, like the prosperity Christian preachers they work to capture heart and mind in order to afford their big houses, expensive cars and other pleasures of wealth.  This is a dog-eat-dog world and the marketing people are the spiders spinning their webs to catch the mindless flies who will make the marketing agent and their clients wealthy.

Satanism is no different, there are those that market their brand of Satanism, who measure their Satanic success by the number of followers they convert to their cause, and hence potential cows to milk for personal benefit. There is no difference between those who peddle deluded ideas of sinister brotherhood of a gang or group and the charismatic televangelist who peddle their tribalism of a flock and church, the end result is a few benefiting from the naivety of the many.

Satanism is about the individual, anyone promoting group-minded ideals is a spider waiting for a juicy deluded fly.  If I have a Satanic musical album to promote to Satanists, I offer a clear benefit of entertainment in exchange for payment of money.  If I am a Satanic guru proclaiming my brand of Satanism where often there is no benefit to the individual, then it is likely a spider waiting for a fly.  Marketing is a spinning of a spider web, but beware what might hide behind the spider web.


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