Satanic acts not words

During my travels visiting Satanist blogs, forums and videos, I view the common clash of egos, as one Satanist conflicts with another Satanist, in the deluded belief that clever words, abusive venom and shouting wins arguments.  Internet is a tool of communication, a conduit of words, but anyone who thinks that they can build a Satanic reputation, respect or life on internet verbosity is a fool.

There is nothing wrong with putting words out on the internet, but to do so the individual Satanist would benefit from knowing that words are empty air, thus unworthy to lose time over arguing verbal points with another disagreeing Satanist. 

Let actions speak for themselves, leave verbal point scoring to the mindless morons that infest the internet.


8 thoughts on “Satanic acts not words

  1. Perhaps you have failed to see where Satanic individuals are using words to tear through their fundamental human conditions of usury and hypocrisy. On my evolving journey through LHP studies and Satanism I have learned more about the methods of hypocrisy and usury from online people and products. VRU analytics are created by websites to help with soliciting product placement, psychological profiling, surveillance, and syntax word manipulations for everything from media to politics. Many money makers are founded by people that generate their ideas and grievances online. Some sites are created with key words to pay the .com creator money for every hit they receive to their site. Some sites will generate false controversies in order to keep people entertained and coming back for more hits to their site. Computer programmers embellish their iso-libraries. Others may encrypt for crueler means of sex and drug trafficking bringing more harm than personal empowerment especially for those in positions of authority or higher monetary stratifications that do not have the character to uphold those positions. Organized religions redact words for narcissistic world views, social conformity, and monetary objectives. Others are trying to figure out what color hat they want to where before hacking. While some creative writers play characters on a keyboard for inspiration. In the four years I have been studying this subject matter and there has never been a need to take anything personally that is typed out. I get to see the methods used on LHP AND RHP objectives with an opportunity to avoid pitfalls of psychological manipulation and capitalist/political agendas that deter me and my own from further financial crisis, false interpretations, and exploitation. I would challenge you to look at the mindless morons’ tactics and see if there is not more in common with you and them than you realize. Over time you might just start to see the blurring lines of dualism that just do not exist in humanity. I would also challenge you to ask what the motivations of others are and more importantly what are yours. There is nothing more empowering than feeling, thinking, and deciding your life’s objectives without having to dictate another’s. A Satanist does not have to have respect, reputation, money, or be an internet fool unless they want to be 🙂

    • Thanks for your detailed analysis. Sure, when there is nothing more than words in play, such as the internet, or a debate, or a blog, the creative use of words gives them their power… but… action will always have greater power than words.

      Satanism is about doing, not words.

  2. I mean actions that define a Satanist. There is always a moment of contention when this subject arises on many forums. Shifting ethics seem to always be a focal point. I am curious what actions you see as being Satanic if words are taken away. I thought words, ideas, and critical thinking were a Satanic action in itself. What do you think?

    • Words are containers, it is what is contained in the containers that matters, not the container. I can write a thousand blogs of words about what it means to be a Satanist but the words are meaningless unless I am doing them in life through action and experience.

      Words are no more than scratches on a paper, noises on the wind, asci blobs in cyberspace. Living meanings based in concrete experiential activity count, not words.

      If words are taken away I have no blog, it is the nature of blogging that I can only manifest my ideas through words. But I am under no delusion that my blog is secondary to the activity that I manifest in day-to-day living, and it is there where I am the Satanist. Writing blogs, forum posts or being a noisy cyber opinion maker on the internet don’t make the individual a Satanist.

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