Ignore the unworthy

Common amongst Satanists is drama or conflict.  Lately I see one notable Satanist demean himself by addressing unworthy individuals who have caused drama and conflict in his “lair.”

The moment the individual gives attention to the unworthy the individual gives power to the unworthy.  The individual is god in their own domain, there is no need to give attention to the unworthy by seeking validation, judgement or approval.  The unworthy are distractions to the attainment of personal power.  Ignoring the unworthy denies their power over self.

13 thoughts on “Ignore the unworthy

  1. I like to give an unworthy individual a verbal lashing every now and again in hopes that individual will reform their offensive behavior. But if that does not work I take the worthy moral high ground and walk away with a smile knowing one day the individual will hang themself with their own rope and one day will be dead:) Hope this helps with future unworthy individuals.

    • Hi Sara, it all depends if the unworthy individual deserves your attention. I personally feel ten minutes spent improving myself in say a run is better investment than ten minutes spent on a fool.

      • You make a good point to redirect self for at least immediate, momentary personal comfort but I wonder how an unworthy individual is deserving of one’s attention? How do the unworthy deserve your attention? How are your stratifications broken down?

      • Hmmm. Interesting. Ignoring those that do not meet a selfishly imposed evolving criteria of “worthy” conformity. Sounds a lot like those in organized religion that prefer their control groups suit the individuals running them. The repercussions of non-conformity to those imposed standards result in isolation of the individual against the stated criteria. Then a self- imposed delusion created by those in the organization and individual make a binary conclusion “they” are elevated from those they do not deem fit when actually are the same shit in one form or another. I prefer people be little carbonaris’ that rise and fall as they please. It really does not matter if I like them or not. I think indeed the greater conundrum in this piece is summed up best with the line from the cartoon Igor The greatest evil invention is creating life that can destroy itself….

      • In the LHP “I am my own God” thus in my life I only pay attention to that which benefits me, life is too short to indulge in worthless individuals who do not benefit me. The individual cannot be compared to organisations, which by their nature are group-related entities.

  2. “The individual cannot be compared to organisations, which by their nature are group-related entities. ” Yes an individual can.
    An individual is first defined as such by separating from its origin a group.
    Etymology of individual- Latin dividere= to divide, in=not, dividuus=divisible
    An individual does not even have a definition or recognized as one publically until first compared to a group. I think a more LHP response to individualization would be a distinct fraction of the whole human race, in one’s own perception, with the audacity to usurp their own life like it or not to the socialized agendas of the masses. The whole of the human race adheres to the doctrines of hypocrisy and varied forms of usury. It seems more productive to learn those doctrines within self and others before turning an opportunity away to learn about another’s unworthiness.

    • Perhaps you complicate what is a simple idea. In the LHP the individual is god, they make their own standards, and only deal with that which benefits them. If someone fails to live up to the standards of a particular Satanist then there is no benefit in wasting precious life upon them.

  3. Maybe I am making this more complicated then it needs to be. But is that not where precious life is found in wisdom through every encounter, even those of friction? I am not saying you have to stick around people who bring harm to your well being and those you care about but it never hurts to listen, watch, and learn from others. Even the most unworthy have something to teach if nothing else what not to do. While venting in this post you could not ignore the unworthy behavior that you saw that fell below your subjective standards? Why did you take note of it? I think there can be missed opportunities to learn something more even from the subjective worthy and unworthy.

  4. I wanted to add that drama is not a satanic specialty. Everywhere where groups are involved and immature individuals (they carry their own fears, complexes and insecurities that at some point will be acted upon) pop up, drama appears.

    It feels so distinctive to us, because we pay more attention to satanic scene.

    Other then that, I agree, no point of wasting time and energy on people you want nothing in common. “See ya, sucker” and press ban/reject/block + forget ;).

    • Zalbarath, yes you are right, drama is human nature where people group together. My personal opinion is that the individual Satanist rises above such mundane nonsense to concentrate on their own life success rather than being distracted by others drama. Thanks for your insights, which I agree with.

  5. Yes it is settled. One should point their horse shoe horns up instead of down so that one is not like the complaining Old Woman and her cats. After all a star is just rats in reverse nothing admirable there.

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