Satanic standards

In my opinion the individual Satanist sets their own Satanic standard, which separates them from the mindless sheep.  The qualities I set for myself include maturity, independent thought and quality.  I despise mediocrity, stupidity and slavishness.  Call me a Satanic snob, but I look down on those that fall below the reasonable standards I look to in Satanists.

No Satanist is the same, but each I think should set a standard that they practice through deed rather than word.  Such Satanists offer a template to new Satanists to learn from, activity that commands respect, charisma and reputation. Recently, an arch-opponent of Satanism, Pope Francis offered an example through a deed that won my respect when in humility he suffered the attention of an annoying child.  Pope Francis offers through deed rather than empty words a revealing strength of his personal standards.

A standard I value is one offered to Satanists by Anton Lavey, I quote:

“3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.”

Recent drama involving a few dozen Satanists and certain Satanic forums earns my contempt.  If the Satanist dislikes the activity or attitudes of a Satanic forum, leave, join or found an alternative site.  Instead, these Satanists trolled, complained like old women, and hacked the Satanic sites they had problems with, expressing mediocrity, juvenile and retarded action unbecoming of a Satanist.

If the individual Satanist wishes to consider themselves superior to the masses of humanity, then standards of personal quality through deed rather than word is required.


4 thoughts on “Satanic standards

  1. I think it’s important to be careful in looking down on those who fail to meet the standards that one constructs, less one falls into the same form of self-righteousness that is seen in the religious. I am guilty of this myself. I concur however, that Satanists generally have a higher aim for progression and evolution, and a deep seated disgust for the stagnant and mediocre; and I think these traits are something to be cultivated. I would also venture to say that this is one of Satanisms redeeming qualities in the striving for more as opposed to herd mediocrity. I highly admire what you said on deeds, as Satanism is done in deeds. Those who talk the most about being elite usually aren’t. If one is superior, he is through his deeds alone. Good post.

    • “If one is superior, he is through his deeds alone.”

      If all Satanists made this one of their central aims it would make a great difference to the successes of the individual as well as Satanism as a whole.

      I agree, I won’t look down upon the novice, the learner, but it is different if a Satanist of many years standing and given multiple opportunities to progress falls below standards such as maturity, quality and intelligence, then I would be less inclined to be tolerant of them.

  2. I stumbled across this book at the library, Pronoia is The Antidote for Paranoia by Rob Brezsny. It is a peculiar book but if read with a certain intuitive or creative perspective I think the human race in general could really have fun utilizing this philosophy every now and again. Redundant recurrent objectives of to do’s and to dont’s just are not very productive. I loved that the irrational/rational productive results of Pronoia are in the eye of the beholder which brings their own meaning to their life with no dictatorship required. As for the Pope Francis, well I guess humans every now and again can produce results through deeds but so can maneuer when spread on crops to bring food. For every “redeeming” quality there is just another unsavory one not far behind. That is true for any individual or group and does not change with deeds and self imposed standards.

    • Well said.

      I agree the “dos” and “donts” are all subjective, hence my position that each Satanist must form their own Satanic standards in which to determine their own conduct and how to relate with the conduct of others.

      Pronoia is an interesting worldview.

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