Real life and internet forums

A new Satanic forum emerges upon the internet as rebels of a failed rebellion against the Satanic International Network forum set up home.  I am a critic of internet forums, I read them, but I have no desire for membership of them.  Internet forums, full of drama and ignorant garbage, few will bother reading.

Satanism is an individual path of real life doing.  Internet forums are an educational diversion but nothing more, many fall for the trap that internet forums are the end goal of their Satanism.

In my opinion the emerging new paradigm of Satanism is the empowered individual who puts aside their devotion to group slavery of Satanic church, forum and prepackaged dogma. Read the works of Satanist writers such as Anton Lavey, but convert those ideas into something personally useful to your needs and circumstances in real life.  No Satanist should be the same.


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