Satanist: predator or opportunist?

Many Satanists claim the Satanist is a predator, like a wolf stalking and devouring the weak.  If the mark of a Satanist is that of predator, how does this separate the Satanist from the many Christians who every day scam people out of money in the form of donations, or rape altar boys in their churches?

In my opinion anything that prevents the Satanist from manifesting their will as an individual is restricted by the baggage of slavery.  The notion that a Satanist must be a predator is baggage, it prevents the Satanist from the liberty of working with the circumstances as they find it.  The fox is a predator, but it is also a scavenger, an opportunist who adapts to situations, turning them into opportunities, it raids a trash can one day, kills a chicken the next day.

Better I suggest that the ideal Satanist is an opportunist.  Last week I purchased a large cake on special offer at 1% of its original price.  In the same week I saw someone had dropped a large denomination coin in a crevice of a self-service machine, upon which I claimed it as mine and was refunded the coin.  Rather than a wolf I suggest the Satanist is like a fox, we intelligently use our minds to create and seize opportunities to our advantage in life.  In real life the wolf is a diminishing species, hunted and shot, whilst the fox prospers because of their cunning and ability to adapt any situation to their advantage.


7 thoughts on “Satanist: predator or opportunist?

  1. I think that is a perceptive analogy. There are still many Satanists who seem to think that in opposing Christian values we have to be the opposite of everything Christians are perceived as being. Such a philosophy becomes enslavement, and worse it is enslavement based on Christian values. I think liberation and independence of thought are the true tenants of Satanism. The fox as you say, survives and thrives through what some call cunning, but which in reality is more simply defined as intelligence.

  2. There is no “us versus them,” there is just me and my opinions. The individual lives in a world of labels, by which the individual makes sense of their world, however, the individual should know that label is a tool of description and nothing more, they use the tool rather than are slave to the tool.

    • In your opinion how are labels of description used as a tool for you and how do you propose a person does not become a slave to them? You said the world of labels can help an individual make “sense” of the world and I was wondering do you mean by external stimulus or feeling or both? Labels in my opinion are what subject humans into mental and physical slavery. I really appreciate your feedback even if my approach to subjects deviate from your response. My self serving intentions are to gain more insight even if it deviates from my own as well. I understand that every human experience will be different. Labels, in my opinion, can not possibly contain diverse humans. Labels are limiting and add no sense to the world around humans. Yet so many people subscribe to labels as gospel and group themselves by them. I wonder if chosing to look at the characteristic of “us” descriptive labels and “them” descriptive labels or various other limiting and binding words, can labels really do anything more than give another excuse to act out human’s natural desire for self importance and hatred? The sinister nature does not quell actions of humans with these descriptive labels. What do you think?

      • Sara, your name is a label, the words you use in your blog comment are labels. How I describe the world (a rock, a tree, a nation state) are all labels. I can drill down on a label such as a bird and define deeper labels such as Grey Heron, Robin or Crow. Words or labels are a bridge between the human mind and the world around us, they act as a common point of understanding between two people such as the word “death.” Words or labels in the hands of the skilled wordsmith is power, the ability to change and influence minds. I am not the slave of labels, I make them my tool to manifest my will upon the world. Unless you have a strong sense of self, then you will be lost in the slavery to labels and words. If you can step away from the word or label, if you can separate self from the words and labels, they have no influence over you, but you have power over the word or label.

        I hope I make sense, it is a difficult concept to put into plain words if you have not experienced this separation of self from labels and words.

  3. Recently just had a revelation regarding labels and self. I agree it is difficult to explain. I like the way you explained it. I do not think that words can describe everything there is to understand which is sometimes frustrating. Thank you for your time and response.

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