The Satanic adversary

Satan is a Hebrew word, it means “adversary” or “opposer.”  The Jewish worldview is that they are the chosen people of their god, any adversity the Jew faced such as an invading army, a famine or sickness, was due to an angel of their god testing them, the angel was called Satan.

Christianity, Islam and then Satanism took the Hebrew word for Satan and gave it their own meanings.  To understand the essence of Satanic adversarialism is to return to the core of the Hebrew worldview of what Satan is.

Adversarialism is a state of being that the Satanist exists in due to an external challenge that they encounter.  For instance, the Mormon stops me in the street in order to market their religion, a state of existential conflict arises between me and the Mormon salesperson as I defend my Satanic will to manifest my own agency, free of restrictions of external bondage.  If I face the angry dog, an invading cold virus, a tax demand, a broken down car, these are all adversities that test my being.

Too many Satanists fail to understand this idea of adversarialism, many believe that being a Satanist comes with the obligation to oppose everything and anything they disagree with.  These deluded individuals feel it is their duty to test others, to fight Christians, or force their relative truths upon others.  Some Satanists transfer their misguided notions about adversarialism into actions of murder and burning of churches; others feel they need to improve a Satanic forum via adversarial activity through trolling, drama or aggression.

Satanism is about individuality, all actions revolve around manifesting individual will, no action involves other people such as needing to oppose and fight others.  Adversarialism only arises as a state of being when something external such as sickness places the individual into adversity, where they must fight or die, then the will of the Satanist rises up in a fight to overcome the adversity.  Being the Satanic adversary is not the function of being a Satanist, nor is it an obligation to go out seeking a punch up with every disagreeable person or belief system around.  The adversary is not the Satanist, but exists outside of the Satanist, which tests the individual every moment of every day, in those struggles the Satanist evolves in their individual growth.


6 thoughts on “The Satanic adversary

  1. Can you please elaborate on this “The adversary is not the Satanist, but exists outside of the Satanist, which tests the individual every moment of every day, in those struggles the Satanist evolves in their individual growth”? Specifically what do you mean by an adversary outside the Satanist? Can you please define who/what the adversary is to you?

    • The adversary is any challenge that we encounter in life that tests us: illness; a death; an irate customer; a theft; a car breakdown. The challenge is an opportunity to grow as an individual, for instance anyone who faced and beat cancer will have a different viewpoint to how precious life is than an individual who has always been in good health.

  2. I view this differently. Adversarialism approach is part of every satanist. The mere struggle of maintain very individual self is part of being defiant toward masses.

    Adversarialism comes in many shapes and forms, depending on individual. Some are against religion in general or abrahamic religions, others are against christian based cultural traits (that are more prevalent then religious belief), others are rebels against the system (government) and other forms that I can’t even describe. Even being quiet and doing your own thing (despite what others think) can be part of adversarialism.

    Everyone taps into own character and skills and expresses it in unique way, but there is always something different in satanists, something that makes us not conform to mainstream (whatever it may be).

    • I agree with you, though too many Satanists take the idea of adversarialism to an extreme by seeking out conflict such as attacking Christians, rather than following their own will and manifesting their adversarial nature when something comes along to oppose the self.

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