There are no enemies

One of the ongoing tasks of the Satanist in my opinion is to cut away the delusions that enslave and prevent us from being the individual we should be.  Our desire to create enemies I suggest is one delusion we would be better off eliminating.

I am not perfect because I fall for this delusion too, since I create enemies in my own mind, upon which I waste precious resources giving attention to.  When you hate something, then you give it power over you.  Why? because you created an image in your head, which through the emotion of hate you will forever react to until you wise up and let the object of hate go.

If you create a boundary around yourself, then stick a gate at the entrance of this boundary, you become gatekeeper to what enters and leaves your dominion.  Like it or not, what you think is what you allow through your gate.  So if you hate a Mormon, those Mormons will be inside your gate because you thought about them, they will have great power over you because you fed the image in your head with the nutritious food of hate giving it  form and substance.  If you believe in the idea of what you think manifests into your life, then the image of your hate will manifest as Mormons to haunt you to your dying day.  Better to let all your hate objects go and spend your mental energies on positive things.

8 thoughts on “There are no enemies

  1. I think this is a very common euphemistic idea but not realistic. I think the nature of hate has its place and when delt with properly can even be productive.

  2. I see hate ,anger, and destruction as catalysts for change, healing, and personal insight. I embrace their wisdom and see them as constants in nature with a purpose but I understand where you are coming from.

  3. I found this quote from Daily Science online “Anger is a term for the emotional aspect of aggression, as a basic aspect of the stress response in animals in which a perceived aggravating stimulus “provokes” a counterresponse which is likewise aggravating and threatening of violence”. Something else to ponder if animals share emotional intelligences with humans. So far neither organized religions or science has been able to make hate disappear from humans. Just one more joy of being human entering the world with eyes wide open and leaving it with eyes shut laughing at the paradox of it all.

    • Aggression and fear come off the same brain parts, but hate is a state of mind unique to human species, an aspect of ego. Most animal species have no ego, thus no hate. Thanks for your insights.

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