Wolf packs or sheep?

Human psychology interests me, so it fascinates me why so many of my fellow Satanists, all who in theory express individualism, feel the need to gather together into groups to beat down a fellow Satanist.  The question I ask, are these Satanists a pack of wolves or mere sheep?

In the school playground as a child I would often see some kid fall out of favor in the group, and everyone would gang up in an often violent and spiteful campaign to bully them.  This happened to me too in my early experiences in employment, my Satanist desires to be individualistic setting me apart from the conformist culture, resulting in many ganging up to force me to conform, upon which I would after a bloody fight resign with a handsome payoff.  Now I am self-employed and call the shots.

As I often mention in my blog posts, Satanism is a path of individualism, and thus I argue we should keep clear of groups, and strive to build our own unique Satanic paths.  However, too many Satanists prefer to gather in their groups, such as on forums, and adopt pre-packaged off-the-shelf ideologies that someone else created such as Laveyanism, which they slavishly follow with no understanding or attempts to adapt to their individual circumstances.

One classic example of the slavish nature of some so-called Satanists is in internet Satanism, they gather in their groups, some individual incurs the displeasure of the group by being Satanically individualistic, and the wolfpack forms to tear apart the individual that dared to be different.  Likewise if some new student of Satanism happens to express noobish ideas, as we all often did when we started out in Satanism, it is an invite for the wolfpack to rip them apart.  The wolfpack delight in drama, seeing some controversy to cause mischief they gather together like the children in the playground to destroy the object of their torment.

I give credit to Zachary Schroeder for his strong response against those that seek to destroy his forum, like a mother cat protecting her kittens, Schroeder has and is taking a hard-line against a Satanist wolfpack that seeks to rip apart his forum.  I have no respect for wolfpacks, they are sheep, who lack the imagination to be individual, preferring to destroy that which they envy than be creative and build an alternative such as their own forums.  Yes, I admire strong leaders, people like Putin, the world are full of weak sheep, which is why this world is falling to pieces.  I have zero tolerance for sheep dressed as wolfpacks, and I fully support the notion of packing them all into a room and machine gunning them to death.


10 thoughts on “Wolf packs or sheep?

    • Ah, though the politician never solicits positive emotions in many there is a difference between a weak and strong leader. Obama is weak, Putin is strong. I admire strength, and I would prefer a dictator ruling over me than a weak fool.

      • Just remember that dictators, and politicians in general, have no real power. All they have is the obedience and stupidity of the masses. Politician and dictator alike do everything they can to make people believe they are strong, powerful or good, or benevolent, or on your side, when really they’re just weak rats in suits who only survive by exploiting the ignorance, stupidity, and often fear of the masses.

      • Thats true, but the dictator is only a problem if you make them a problem. There have been and always will be dictators, but remember, all things in life is an opportunity the Satanist can turn to our favour.

  1. I have never understood the “sheeple mentality” in Satanism. It seems few are willing to embrace their individual nature. Groups can be a positive expression as like minds can learn from each other, but it is just this “sheeple mentality” within those groups that I just do not understand. Good post.

    • Yes, I don’t understand “sheeple mentality” either, it is plain that when some people adopt the title of “Satanist” they did not understand or embrace the idea of “individuality” which goes with the label.

  2. “I have zero tolerance for sheep dressed as wolfpacks, and I fully support the notion of packing them all into a room and machine gunning them to death.”

    So it’s not just me then ?

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