Your actions in real life matters

I have been away in real life longer than I would have liked from this blog, and so over the next few days I will have plenty of catching up to do reading and answering comments, and reading those blogs I follow.  I make no apologies for being away from the internet, for what we do in real life as Satanists matters more than what we do on the internet.

I recently visited a few Satanist forums, none of which I am a member, but always useful to me to keep up with news and attitudes of some of the Satanists around the world.  One forum called Satanic International Network appears to have had an internal civil war over the last month between old-established members and the forum owner Zachary Schroeder aka Zack Black.  The reasons for the civil war could have been because Schroeder let his recent television appearance go to his head, or due to envy by his established members, but the fight revealed the painful truth for these established internet Satanists that they were expendable and irrelevant.  The established members of the forum after a bitter fight either quit or where suspended, anonymous self-important and largely irrelevant individuals outside of their little forum suddenly found they were as meaningless as a discarded empty can of beer.  

The internet is a tool of communication, nothing more, and any Satanist thinking otherwise is incredibly deluded.  Too many Satanists live their path through the medium of the internet, specifically forums.  In any individual forum a member may rise to be a figure of importance, but outside of their little niche they are in reality nothing.  What matters is what we Satanists do in real life, rather than living our lives through internet forums.

I suspect that the established members of the forum attacked the forum owner Zachary Schroeder out of envy, people whose only expression in Satanism was internet forum postings, whilst Schroeder has intelligently built up a reputation for himself in real life through his internet activity and forum to be invited on media shows and be an increasingly relevant voice of Satanism in the real world.

4 thoughts on “Your actions in real life matters

  1. From what I understand, it wasn’t out of envy but rather a mixture of recent events. I don’t think it’s logical to default to jealousy/envy, seems like a cop out to me. Anytime a critique of real world actions is dished out, people default to ENVY as a scapegoat. We should think more critically about social issues.

    • Envy is a powerful and ever-present driver in humanity, you will be surprised how common it is if you look around. Although it is my opinion that envy was a significant factor in the fighting on the Satanic forum, nobody but the participants can really know what drove them to their disputes.

  2. Your suspicions are quite wrong, in my humble opinion as an ex-SIN member. From my observations, Zachary Schroeder first of all made the mistake of alienating his entire fan base after kicking out one of the co-founders of S.I.N., along with another long-standing member, due to petty egotistical reasons.

    Then he made the mistake of openly goading a 15 year old girl in his video chatroom (after she announced her age) to display her naked breasts. Word got out. Zachary admitted it. The members versed in law noted that potentially all members of his site would be criminally responsible for his act of pedophilia. His co-founder T.C. Downey (BeastXeno) considered it a hot potato and deleted his account. All of his top contributors followed suit and removed their accounts, considering Zachary Schroeder a liability due to his ADMITTED pedophilia.

    Oddly, Zachary said that his act in the chat was not the problem, only people making a fuss about it and “stirring up drama” on his site were to blame. The reputation he built up has thereby been destroyed overnight by his own stupidity, not just due to his perverse behavior but a whole string of events which saw him alienate his entire core membership due to his incredible arrogance. He continues to display paranoia by banning anyone from his network who refuses to take his side and fellate his proverbial phallus.

    The man is also a drunk, whose doctor told him that if he didn’t quit drinking soon he would die an early death. He since moved to a winery, and continues to go on rampant drinking benders. So much for being a responsible Satanist. The man revealed his true colors as a complete fool, alcoholic, arrogant shithead and perverted pedophile. Evidence is there to back up all I have said. His reputation is finished. He gets no respect now bar a few sycophants.

    • In my post I mentioned the possibility of egotism, though I am sure it was only a contributing factor of many to the dispute. In my view as an outsider looking in, having read many of the publicly readable posts on the forum, of which I am not a member, I suspect there is a strong element of envy amongst those who were suspended or quit the forum.

      I am aware of the drinking problems of the forum owner, but then whilst I have a low opinion of anyone who becomes enslaved to alcohol and drugs, the forum owner has acted strongly and intelligently in keeping his forum going despite many challenges over the years, to which everyone should give him credit for.

      Obviously if a minor is flashing their boobs on a Satanic forum that raises legal issues which can get both the owner and his admin team into serious trouble. The intelligent strategy here is to ban all under 18’s from Satanic forums.

      As to claim of alienation of his “entire core membership” this is an exaggeration, in reality the owner had a dispute with less than a dozen vocal individuals who tended to frighten off many others from participation in the forum. It is always good to have the occasional clean out so that fresh blood comes forward. As I said in my article everybody are expendable, and most of those that quit the forum where anonymous nobodies outside of their forum.

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