Satanic Rule 2: Keep your troubles to yourself

Each week I give my opinion on each of eleven Satanic rules of the Church of Satan. Rule number two is as follows:

2. Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.

Church of Satan claims that the Satanist pursues their beast-like nature in pursuit of their carnal desires. Is it also a part of human nature to share personal problems with others? How does anyone know you have personal troubles in order to ask you about them?

Like many rules this rule sucks, because it makes no allowances to exceptions to the rule.  What happens if you are a child being raped by the local Catholic priest, do you tell your parents, or is it unSatanic in the words of Anton LaVey to tell anyone your troubles? What about the individual suffering work related stress, should they tell their boss they are being overworked, or is this unSatanic?

I personally hate being burdened by other people’s troubles, but that is a personal attitude of mine.  If I am a boss or parent, then there is a legal responsibility to investigate and remedy personal troubles of those individuals the authority figure looks after.  There has been personal instances where I have kept my troubles to myself, then dug a hole for myself.

In conclusion this is one Satanic rule that I personally can kick into the trash can of history.

2 thoughts on “Satanic Rule 2: Keep your troubles to yourself

  1. I don’t think that Anton meant it the way you portrayed it.

    People are usually open to other talks as they are curious what is out there. It’s a part of communication system. We also like to hear similar opinions to strengthen our own or complete opposite ones to rally us (oh that rush of energy…). It’s hard to place a border here so usual communication, opinions may easily transform into whining or expressing concerns. It’s natural to people that when affected emotionally they need to express it. However burdening others with own troubles is… troublesome. Some will like it because it will give them opportunity for further complaints but healthy individuals are focused positively on results, solutions and hearing about others issues isn’t productive, unless we are the persons that could help.

    I agree that the rule in its generality is stupid, every rule is, but I think that Anton just wanted to focus people appropriately. So the point was to be more solution focused and not problem focused. Also, burdening others with own problems could in a way violate others personal spaces. So the kid telling parents what is wrong or a person looking for friend’s help is ok, but being too articulate about issues by persons who have no reason to be involved is unwise. Or maybe Anton didn’t want satanists to be whiners? 😉

    There are dozens of thousands and more satanic wannabes who just quote Lavey without single reflection thought that would be their own. Internet is literally flooded with people saying what satanism is using Lavey quotes. That I find sad.

    • The problem with rules are they can easily be misinterpreted. I think Anton Lavey was a strong advocate of individualism viewing the human “animal” as like a lone wolf rather than as a social member of the pack. I agree with you about how humanity really works, but I differ in that Lavey would have seen the human as you infer.

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