Satanic Rule 1: Giving Opinions and Advice

I am going to get into a regular habit of posting once a week on a Sunday, starting with dealing with the eleven rules of the Church of Satan.  I will deal with each of the rules in turn, giving my view on each.

1. Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.

This rule was created in 1967 when most people had no internet let alone a computer.  But in the era of mass internet communications everybody is encouraged to give their opinion and advice on everything.  This is one of the rules that makes the Church of Satan look backward.

This is one of the rules authority figures would like the masses to follow, to be silent unless invited to speak.  The old-fashioned statement “children should be seen but not heard.”

Looking at other Satanic rules in contrast to this rule I have the impression that Anton LaVey considers that Satanists should respect the freedom of others, that giving advice and opinion is a form of control, an infringement on the individualism of others.  Like any rule, the Satanist find themselves in a moralistic dilemma when exceptions to the rule arises.  Do you let your children play with matches and burn the house down, or do you give opinion and advice? What about if an authority figure is carrying out activity which is infringing personal freedoms, does the Satanist give their opinion about this or stay silent?

Satanists are freedom loving individuals, following imposed rules by others places limits upon personal expression and the empowerment of the individual. If I was to follow the rule of giving no opinions then this satanicviews blog would not exist.  I get the impression Anton LaVey wrote the Satanic Rules out one boring day on a train with no thought to the consequences.  The Church of Satan is at odds with the modern world with rules such as this, and even they now through their blogs and media interventions give their opinions and advice.

In my opinion this rule limits personal freedom and favours the authority figure.

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