Satanic Responsibility

Zachary Schroeder aka Zach Black who owns and runs the Satanist forum Satanic International Network recently boasted to his followers that he had been carted off to hospital due to his drinking problem.

Now I ain’t being moralistic and I am all for living in the hedonistic pleasure, but we Satanists enjoy a unique path of individualism free from the slavery of others, which includes being responsible for our own actions.  It is easy playing the rebel Satanist on someone’s dime, for instance the charity of parents or welfare, but try being a Satanist and paying your own way in life.  When you are out there alone living off your own wits and money you are the true Satanic individual, in this reality you starve if you can’t raise money, and then you see how health is important.

As a Satanist I don’t want others charity, nor their care, I am walking my own path free of slavery.  If someone ends up in hospital because they screwed up their body, why should I have to pay for their care? Those maggots should be laid out in a room and left to rot and die.  Those Satanists who think I should pay the care bills for their self-inflicted health problems can go die.  If a Satanist is going to be the self empowered individual, it follows that good health is part of the Satanic way, self-abuse leading to hospitalization and disability on my dime is not Satanism.


6 thoughts on “Satanic Responsibility

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  2. Ahh yes. That was not a goodnight. I would like to say I am nor was on welfare and although I was living with my mother I work and pay rent. If you are gonna take cheap shots maybe you should mention his disabled mother who refuses to live in a nursing home yet can not live by herself.

    Also I pay my own bills. Or my insurance does which I pay a month premium for. So, you might want to find someone else to use as an example.

  3. Shut the fuck up Zach Black. You, along with your “minions” on your site “Satanic International Network” are nothing but two faced psychopaths contributing to the “dumbing down” of an entire generation of people. Oh, and to add insult to injury, you’re spreading slanderous lies to promote your own twisted agenda by suggesting the fact that a “Satanic Community” even exists; it’s a philosophy rooted in individuality and a positive sense of “selfishness”; not herd conformity. The phrase “Satanic Community” is an oxymoron. Beware. One day, the truth will come to light about you. Oh, and did I mention how I’m well aware of how you troll, ban, and go out of your way to ruin the lives of your users via public exposure for no other reason than because you don’t like them? So the next time you go all out saying you are a “morally superior” individual, you might want to take a good look in the mirror…….

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